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Call of Duty: Warzone

New Warzone Bunker Appearing in Verdansk

Players have spotted a new Warzone bunker hidden away under the Verdansk Airfield after the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 update.



Players have noticed a new bunker in Verdansk after the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Update.

Shortly after the Season 1 update for Black Ops Cold War, players began to notice a brand new landing spot hidden beneath the landing strip of the Verdansk Airfield. The landing spot is inside of a large crater that was created by a bomb of some sort.

Once inside, you’ll be greeted to what appears to be a small Cold War-era facility, similar to the Bunkers.

The format of the facility is eerie of the KGB bunker from Black Ops Cold War’s Campaign. All around are computers that all appear to be monitoring the nuke in Bunker 10, which was found several months ago.

Additionally, there is a small room with Nova 6 gas canisters. This is our first official look at nova gas inside of Warzone.

It’s been speculated the gas closing into Verdansk is Nova 6, but it has yet to be officially confirmed via lore.

Currently, there is no story-related information as to how the gas got here, nor is there any information on who or what created the large hole into this facility.

From the Warzone missions, we know that Victor Zakahev (Son of Imran Zakahev, the main antagonist of the Call of Duty 4 campaign) has been in Verdansk, so perhaps this is where he has been hiding for the past few Seasons.

Once Season 1 progresses a bit more, we should be getting the main storyline progression in Warzone, perhaps leading to the rumored “nuke event” that transitions us from Verdansk to whatever map Treyarch is working on for Warzone.

For footage of the bunker, you can watch the video below, posted by Reddit user Mundoschristmas.

Only time will tell exactly where the storyline and gameplay will go for the overall Warzone experience, but in the meantime, we’ll be occupied with Rebirth Island.

For those who cycle between Verdansk and Rebirth Island, or just those who prefer Verdansk, this new area is perfect to quickly loot up a squad, completely out of sight from other players. There’s plenty of loot in this area for a squad of four.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Best Warzone guns: Season 4 Reloaded weapon tier list

Call of Duty: Warzone has over 100 weapons to choose from, so we’ve ranked every gun and counted down Season 4’s top 10.



Call of Duty Warzone weapon tier list

Using the best Warzone weapons is key to picking up victories in the popular battle royale, and we’ve put together a list of the most powerful guns in Season 4 Reloaded, with a full tier list of every gun in the game.

In Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, there are over a hundred weapons to choose from. Guns, knives, and explosives from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War are available to take into Verdansk ’84 and Rebirth Island.

While you want to optimize your graphics settings and controller settings in Warzone, everyone wants to know the best weapon to use.

Warzone Season 4’s meta is mostly Assault Rifle-based, but if you’re looking for the best or just want something new to experiment with, we’ve ranked all 81 primary weapons in the game and counted down the top 10.

Warzone players using weapons

Call of Duty Warzone: Weapon tier list

Before we count down the top 10 weapons in Warzone, we’re ranking every single primary weapon available in the game. Some weapons clearly shine above the rest and some should be avoided at all costs.

Here’s our official tier list of every primary weapon in Warzone.

Krig 6, C58, Kar98k, Swiss K31, Milano, MAC-10, MP5 (MW)
Grau 5.56, QBZ-83, FARA 83, AK-47 (CW), MP5 (CW), CR-56 AMAX, PKM, Bullfrog, Bruen Mk9, LC10, Stoner 63, HDR, AS VAL, SP-R 208
FFAR 1, RAM-7, MG 82, XM4, M4A1, MP7, Kilo 141, M13, PPSH, DMR 14, ZRG 20mm, LW3 – Tundra, M16, Gallo SA12, AK-74u, Oden, Origin 12, Groza, Streetsweeper, JAK-12, SA87
FN Scar 17, Pelington 703, AX-50, M82, AUG (CW), Uzi, P90, RPD, VLK Rogue, Holger-26, Riot Shield, AN-94, CARV.2, R9-0
AUG (MW), Crossbow, PP19 Bizon, M60, MG34, Hauer 77, ISO, Striker 45, Fennec, FAL, FiNN LMG, M91, Type 63, FR 5.56
Draganov, Rytec AMR, EBR 14, 725, KSP 45, MK2 Carbine, R1 Shadowhunter, AK-47 (MW), SKS, Model 680

S-Tier weapons are the meta in Warzone Season 4 – the best of the best. Weapons in A-tier are incredibly strong and extremely viable, and could quickly become the meta if any of the S-Tier weapons receive a nerf in future updates.

B-Tier guns are useable, and very viable if built right and used in the right circumstances, whereas C-Tier weapons would only need some buffs to increase their popularity.

D-Tier weapons are ineffective, but you can try them out and have some fun with them, while F-Tier guns shouldn’t be in your loadout at all.

Best weapons in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

10. Grau 5.56

Grau 5.56 in Warzone

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 221msFire Rate: 730 rpmReload Time: 2.15s
Sprint to Fire Time: 263msBullet Velocity: 720 m/sADS Movement: 2.61 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 31m): 42 Headshot Damage (31m +): 36

Long-time Warzone players will know the Garu 5.56 very well, with the weapon dominating the meta for months during 2020. While it has received a pretty substantial nerf since then, the Grau is still a dominant force on Verdansk and is becoming increasingly popular as Season 4 Reloaded rolls on.

The main reason people flock to this gun is its accuracy. In terms of assault rifles, there are few that are as easy to handle as this one, and with an easy-to-learn recoil pattern, you can beam enemies across the map if you’re using the best Grau 5.56 Warzone loadout.

9. QBZ-83

QBZ-83 in Warzone

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 221msFire Rate: 679 rpmReload Time: 2.15s
Sprint to Fire Time: 263msBullet Velocity: 636 m/sADS Movement: 2.8 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 31m): 42 Headshot Damage (31m +): 36

The FFAR was the go-to choice for players searching for a mobile assault rifle, but after a handy buff to torso damage following the Season 4 Reloaded patch, the QBZ-83 has snatched that crown.

While the weapon’s Base and ADS movement speeds aren’t super impressive, it still packs a punch when you get up close to enemies, and is accurate enough to damage opponents at longer distances too.

8. FARA 83

Warzone FARA 83

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 296msFire Rate: 790 rpmReload Time: 3.17s
Sprint to Fire Time: 263msBullet Velocity: 600 m/sADS Movement: 2.31 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 27m): 39 Headshot Damage (31m +): 35

The FARA 83 dominated the early meta of Warzone Season 4, but has fallen down the pecking order as the season progressed. With nerfs from Raven Software to bring its power down, other assault rifles have leapfrogged it, but it’s still a powerful gun that is worthy of your loadout.

Raven have twice increased the recoil of the weapon to make it more difficult to control, and also brought down the gun’s maximum damage with the Season 4 Reloaded patch.

Despite all this, the FARA 83 is still one of the most accurate guns in its class, and while it doesn’t deal as much damage as other ARs, it’s high rate of fire more than makes up for that.

7. Swiss K31

Best Warzone Swiss K31 loadout

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 454msFire Rate: 42 rpmReload Time: 2.95s
Sprint to Fire Time: 263msBullet Velocity: 543 m/sADS Movement: 1.33 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 50m): 250 Headshot Damage (50m +): 250

The Swiss K31 wasn’t a particularly strong sniper rifle when it was first released, but some powerful buffs to Cold War snipers have made it a very strong option for those who favor picking off enemies.

This Sniper Rifle has one of the best ADS times in its class, making it a perfect option for quickscopers who like to get into their opponents’ faces. Along with that, it’s probably the most mobile sniper in its class too.

6. MP5 (Modern Warfare)

Best Warzone MP5 loadout

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 200msFire Rate: 798 rpmReload Time: 2.79s
Sprint to Fire Time: 117msBullet Velocity: 537 m/sADS Movement: 2.96 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 9.5m): 49 Headshot Damage (9.5 – 17.5m): 36 Headshot Damage (17.5m+): 31

Modern Warfare’s MP5 has been a staple in loadouts since Warzone started, and is still extremely useful over a year later.

The MP5 doesn’t really excel in any specific areas but is an extremely well-rounded and reliable SMG that will help you wipe out any opponent who gets too close to you.

5. MAC-10

Warzone MAC-10

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 167msFire Rate: 1118 rpmReload Time: 2s
Sprint to Fire Time: 163msBullet Velocity: 356 m/sADS Movement: 3.36 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 15m): 27 Headshot Damage (15m+): 22

The MAC-10 dominated Black Ops Cold War, and has now become one of the strongest SMGs in Warzone too following the Season 4 Reloaded update.

While it isn’t particularly powerful, what it does have is an insane rate of fire, spitting out over 1000 rounds every minute. Coupled with a low sprint-to-fire time and high ADS movement, the MAC-10 is every rusher’s dream.

4. Milano 821 – Best SMG in Warzone Season 4

Warzone Milano 821

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 163msFire Rate: 576 rpmReload Time: 2.37s
Sprint to Fire Time: 117msBullet Velocity: 350 m/sADS Movement: 3.34 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 21m): 49 Headshot Damage (21m+): 41

The Milano 821 was one of Warzone’s weakest weapons before Season 4, but significant buffs have now made it one of the best weapons in the game.

The beauty of the Milano is that, although being an SMG, it can be used at essentially any range. With a 3x scope and some attachments for bullet velocity, it can be effectively used at medium range. Or, you can build it like a standard SMG for close-quarters combat.

2. C58

Warzone Season 4 C58

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 292msFire Rate: 553 rpmReload Time: 2s
Sprint to Fire Time: 263msBullet Velocity: 636 m/sADS Movement: 2.27 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 26m): 54 Headshot Damage (21m+): 53

Warzone players quickly realized the power of the C58 in Season 4. While the C58 doesn’t come with a particularly high rate of fire, that won’t matter if you’re accurate and can hit your shots.

That’s because the C58 deals a huge 54 headshot damage, making it one of the most lethal ARs in its class. With the right attachments, this gun can take down any opponent, regardless of distance, and has become a staple of loadouts throughout Season 4.

2. Kar98k – Best Warzone Sniper/Marksman Rifle

Warzone Kar98k

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 292msFire Rate: 44 rpmReload Time: 3.58s
Sprint to Fire Time: 263msBullet Velocity: 642 m/sADS Movement: 1.95 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 62m): 250 Headshot Damage (62m+): 250

If you want a Sniper Rifle that’s both quick and accurate, the Kar98k is the strongest choice available. Although being a Marksman Rifle, equipping the Kar with a Sniper Scope will make it the most aggressive sniper build in Warzone.

Although not quite as fast as the Swiss K31, it’s fast enough that you’ll be able to quickscope enemies up close. Starting a fight with a couple of easy headshots will put your team at a distinct advantage.

And with its one-shot headshot and minimal bullet drop, you can effectively snipe at long-range too.

Krig 6 – Best Warzone Assault Rifle

Krig 6 in Warzone

Weapon Stats

ADS Time: 263msFire Rate: 652 rpmReload Time: 2.19s
Sprint to Fire Time: 263msBullet Velocity: 606 m/sADS Movement: 2.63 m/s
Headshot Damage (0 – 38m): 45 Headshot Damage (38m+): 38

The Krig 6 has been a staple in Black Ops Cold War for a long time, but Season 4 saw it become the go-to AR in Warzone as well.

The Krig 6 is the ultimate all-rounder in its class. A solid rate of fire with good damage, while still allowing for decent mobility, there are few situations where the Krig 6 can be outmatched, and that’s why it’s become the most popular gun in Warzone this season.

Those are the top 10 weapons you should be using in Warzone Season 4. As new seasons, weapons, and balance changes come to Call of Duty’s battle royale, we’ll keep this list updated.

And if classic multiplayer is more your cup of tea, you can check out the top 10 Black Ops Cold War weapons.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

JGOD reveals high K/D C58 Warzone loadout

Call of Duty content creator JGOD has revealed the high K/D loadout for the C58 Assault Rifle in Warzone Season 4.



JGod and Warzone c58

The C58 Assault Rifle is one of the new additions in Warzone Season 4, and trusted YouTube content creator JGOD has revealed his high K/D build for this weapon.

Warzone’s Season 4 Reloaded update changed up the meta yet again with a huge collection of weapon balancing changes. The C58 Assault Rifle is a popular new addition that you can use to dish out some serious pain.

Warzone expert JGOD believes that this AR is a meta weapon in Season 4, even after the nerfs it received. Now, the content creator has revealed his high K/D build for the C58 in a new video.

JGOD’s high K/D C58 Warzone loadout

Jackal using Warzone and Cold War's C58

In his video, JGOD picked the highest K/D loadout from the Warzone Ranked website, which was the C58. The content creator was impressed with the K/D ratio of this weapon when trying it out.

“This comes in with a 1.76 K/D, ” said JGOD. “Which is incredibly high. Normally, if a weapon’s balanced, it’s a lot closer to 1.”

“One of the biggest differences in this particular loadout, obviously everyone switched from the 4x to the 3x,” he elaborated. “But I’m using the Ranger and only a 45 RND drum which speeds this gun up significantly and doesn’t penalize you too much on the recoil side of it.”

JGOD called it “monstrous” and strongly recommended that players try it out.

Here’s his high K/D C58 Warzone Loadout:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 11.8″ Ranger
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 45 Rnd
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x

By the end of the video, JGOD was able to score a whopping 16 kills in the match. He also tried out a high K/D build for Cold War’s MP5, and was equally impressed with that gun.

“This one comes in with a K/D of a 1.48,” said JGOD. “Obviously, this did get nerfed a little bit, but it is still very dominant.”

So, the next time you jump into Verdansk, be sure to try out these impressive loadouts if you want to dominate your opponents in combat. Also, check out Warzone Season 4’s 10 most popular weapon loadouts.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software / JGOD

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Call of Duty: Warzone

FaZe Swagg shows off devastating new “#1 Ranked Gun” Warzone loadout

Swagg has shown off his brand new fastest-killing TTK class in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4, thanks to data found by JGOD.



faze swagg m19 akimbo pistols

Thanks to the findings of CoD: Warzone data guru JGOD, FaZe Clan’s Swagg has turned to the game’s new #1 TTK weapon in the game. We’ve provided his full M19 Akimbo loadout below.

Thanks to weekly changes and updates, Raven Software is always trying to improve and evolve various aspects of Call of Duty: Warzone. A huge part of this is tweaking the game’s guns to buff or nerf them.

Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD is always trying to find hidden stats and see what changes have been made to the game’s attachments, see if they’re broken, and what is officially a meta weapon in Warzone Season 4.

One of his latest discoveries is Warzone’s newest, fastest-killing TTK weapon(s) in the game – the Akimbo M19s. As a self-proclaimed lover of Akimbo pistols, Swagg has created a full loadout to incorporate them into his gameplay.

call of duty m19 pistol

In Swagg’s latest video, he said: “Ever since the new season update where they almost literally nerfed every single gun, and they completely changed the way the time-to-kill is in Warzone. There is a new king gun that is at the top of the whole bracket for number one TTK in the game.”

“The new fastest-killing gun in the game, according to JGOD, is the Akimbo M19s. It’s ahead of the AS VAL which is crazy to see how fast these guns actually kill when you hit your shots.”

Swagg says he “never sees anyone run these,” and made a loadout to use in Warzone to see how they compare to previous meta-Akimbo loadouts.

He scored quite a few nice kills using the loadout en route to a tasty 31-kill winning game – also wielding a powerful C58 Assault Rifle too.

Swagg’s Akimbo M19 Warzone loadout

  • Barrel: XRK L Super
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Trigger Action: Lightweight Trigger
  • Ammunition: 32 Round Mags
  • Perk: Akimbo

With Swagg being one of the world’s greatest Call of Duty: Warzone players, his M19 Akimbo loadout may not be completely to everyone’s liking, but it’s effective.

The loadout focuses less on accuracy and prioritizes the gun’s fire rate, damage, and range. The strength of the XRK L Super barrel helps to accomplish this, and then 5mW Laser enhances the pistol’s hip-fire accuracy.

The Lightweight Trigger is instrumental in the weapon’s improved fire rate, and the extended 32 Round Mags are perfect for allowing the player to get away a few more shots.

Obviously, the Akimbo perk is a requirement to be able to wield two of the M19 Pistols to quicken the TTK.

Also, check out Warzone Season 4’s 10 most popular weapon loadouts.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software / FaZe Swagg

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