A user on Denkirons’ forum boards has found a set of new, never before seen, weapon camos within the Call of Duty: Ghosts game files. We’ve been getting many reports of a Weed camo spotting, and some are reporting that players in games actually have the weed camo equipped. Here’s an image from in-game from Vikkstar123

As of now, it’s not clear how they do have it equipped, but it appears that Infinity Ward may release these as Personalization Packs at some point in the future.

The rainbow/spectrum camo in the image set above was part of the preorder bonus offer from Microsoft Store for Xbox users. The other camos are new, never before seen. There is the bling camo, a series of barbed wire camos, and a Weed camo.

Activision has not confirmed any of these, but as with Black Ops 2, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was real, and that Activision has plans to release these as paid optional camos in the near future.

UPDATE: The second camo in the gallery above is part of the Season Pass for Ghosts.

SOURCE: Denkrison Forums and TmarTn

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