Edge Online has announced that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is on their cover of their newest edition of their magazine. As you can see, that appears to be a new image of a solider in the game. Edge says that the edition “features exclusive access and interviews with the team making Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare.” If you’re a subscriber to Edge, the magazine is available now. Non-subscribers: it’ll be available in print, on iPadGoogle Play and Zinio on Thursday June 5.


There is no question that this particular Call Of Duty throws up an unusually long list of things to talk about. First, there are its origins at Sledgehammer Games, a studio that contains many of the people who created the first – and best – Dead Space at Visceral Games, and who are convinced that one of the things they can deliver this time around is a coherent, meaningful storyline. Then there’s the game’s new facial animation system, powered by technology and techniques that will also be used in the production of James Cameron’s Avatar 2. There is Advanced Warfare’s audio design, whose aim is to replicate not only the sound of letting loose with heavy firearms, but the torso-invading feel of it too. And there is Sledgehammer’s broad goal for the game’s visual appearance – photorealism – something it achieves in places thanks to a combination of its new rendering technology, an abundance of data sourced from the real world, and the application of its artists’ expert hands.




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