Beachhead Studio has announced that the next Clan War for Advanced Warfare will start on January 16th at 12PM PST and end on January 18th at 12PM PST.

The Lagos engagement takes place over three days, beginning Friday, January 16th at 12PM PST / 9PM CET, continuing through Sunday, January 18th at 9PM PST / 6AM CET (Monday). Top performing Clans will continue to climb the divisions of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The location on the map will be Lagos, Nigeria. Clans will need three or more members in order to participate.

Clans that place 1st in either the Gold or Platinum division will earn the next item in the Centurion set. Here’s the unlock order:

  • Centurion Exo: Win 1 Clan War
  • Centurion Shin Guards: Win 2 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Pants: Win 3 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Loadout: Win 4 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Helmet: Win 5 Clan Wars

SOURCE: Beachhead

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