UPDATE: Beachhead has revealed new information on some of the achievements that are part of this new clan war.

This Clan War begins on Wednesday, January 15th at 12PM PST/8PM GMT lasting through Monday, January 20th at 12PM PST/8PM GMT.

Clans looking to add to their collection of location-exclusive in-game patches can look forward to:


Welcome to the Jungle, unlocked via the Jungle Fever Achievement

Finish in the top 3 of the Rio de Janeiro Clan War.

Of course there’s still always the opportunity for Clans to work on some of our other challenges. If you’re looking to make the most out of in-game bonus XP, try going for the Undead Rising patch.



Undead Rising, unlocked via the Unwavering Achievement

Hold a node for 3 days.

By capturing a node and focusing your efforts on holding it for as long as possible, your Clan will reap the rewards of the bonus Multiplayer XP tied to that node’s game mode. That means you’ll enjoy faster leveling and the chance to unlock a new patch.

Beachhead Studio has announced that the next clan war for Call of Duty: Ghosts will start on Wednesday, Jan 15th at 12pm PT. The map location for this war will be Rio.

Beachhead has also announced a new Diamond Division for Clan Wars that will be launching in February. Here’s the full details from the Call of Duty App:

Starting this February, eligible Clans can participate in the new Call of Duty® Clan Wars Diamond Division. Clan Wars in the Diamond Division are played out on a separate schedule, open exclusively to Clans with at least two first place wins in the Platinum Division.

Clans that meet these requirements will have the opportunity to opt-in for Diamond Division before the next Clan War begins. From the moment you opt-in, your clan will only be able to compete in Diamond Division wars against other top Clans.

Diamond Divison Details:
Wars in the Diamond Division are played out separately from the Bronze through Platinum Division pool. Diamond Division war spans three days, Friday through Sunday, with a four-hour window of playtime each day. This means that each Diamond Division Clan War lasts for a total of 12 hours, split into 3 four-hour sessions.

To ensure the competitive field remains balanced, the Clan roster will be locked the day before the Diamond Clan War begins. Any changes to the Clan roster after this time will not count towards the Clan War.

Diamond Division introduces a leaderboard to showcase Clan performance throughout. Clans will earn Diamond Points depending on how they place in each Diamond War. A first place finish awards more Diamond Points than second, with second awarding more than third.

Beachhead has said more information on the Diamond Division will be revealed as we get closer to February.

SOURCE: Call of Duty App

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