Activision’s Vice president of production Daniel Suarez, recently spoke to Digital Spy and confirmed that the lead platform for Call of Duty Ghosts will be next-gen consoles. Unfortunely he didnt confirm which next-gen console that is, we can only speculate it’s Xbox One considering the marketing deal in place.

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When it comes to “lead platform”, it usually means its the platform that you design the game on, and then you re-engineer that game to work on the other platforms when progress is further along. In this case, it looks like Infinity Ward is set to push the limits on Next-gen hardware and then fit what they can on current-gen. Daniel Suarez went on to say that the current-gen version will also look better than any previous Call of Duty to date.

“I can’t talk specific differences, but I will say from a general standpoint, we’re going to be making the game for next-gen and bringing it down for the current generation.”

“The current generation [version] will look better than any current generation version we’ve done to date. There are things that we’re doing on next gen that will port down, or at least work on current generation that weren’t done before,”

“…the priority right now is delivering the best next gen game we’ve ever done. I think you’ll see that, from our perspective, we’re going to deliver the most stunning Call of Duty game.”

“The experiences you’re going to have from a visual standpoint, a gameplay standpoint, are all going to come over to the current gen, but they’re just going to be that much more better next gen.”



UPDATE: According to IW’s Community Manager Tina Palacios, Infinity Ward is developing Ghosts for each platforms separately and as they go along development process – unlike how previous games were made. Previously, they used the Xbox 360 version as the “lead skew” and then ported that version to work properly on other platforms. Now, according to Tina, there is no lead skew for Ghosts.

All platforms are being developed separately which means that we can expect a great, consistent experience between all platforms.


As for PC info, they have to wait till PR approves them to talk more about the PC version:

SOURCE: Digital Spy via MP1st


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