The CharlieINTEL team is proud to announce NextVG, our brand new universal gaming hub dedicated to bringing you the very latest news that you’ve come to expect from the CharlieINTEL Network.

NextVG combines our network of blogs under one roof including: BravoINTEL, TheDestinyBlog, TitanFallBlog, CellReconSix making it a one stop destination for all the latest news and videos. Excluding CharlieINTEL, we remain separate!

NextVG will have extensive coverage of upcoming events including GamesCom 2013 in Germany and EuroGamer 2013 in London including the very latest announcements, reviews and interviews. We’ll be heading to GamesCom with a professional video recording setup and a steadicam too!

We’d love it if you could Follow us @nextvgcom (there’s a button above!), Like us on FaceBook and have a look around. There will be more details over at @CharlieINTEL

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