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Call of Duty: Warzone

NICKMERCS calls out “dirty” Warzone tournaments & SBMM tracking

NICKMERCS calls out Warzone tournaments, claiming some players are “dirty”, using exploits to gain unfair advantages.



NICKMERCS has commented on why he no longer plays in Warzone tournaments, citing that some players who are “dirty” are to blame.

In a clip circulating across social media, NICKMERCS finally gives the community the reason as to why he has not been participating in Call of Duty Warzone tournaments as of late.

The streamer cited that he “knows that there are people who cheat, drop their K/D to get into easier lobbies, and people who buy certain routers and use VPN’s so they can only ping certain locations for bot (easier) lobbies.”

He continues to claim that the Warzone tournaments are dirty, due to a select group of players who abuse these mechanics to get easier games. NICKMERCS clarifies “I’m not saying everyone playing in them (the tournaments) are dirty, I’m just saying there are people who are allowed to play in these tournaments who are dirty.”

Apparently, Nick has known about players gaming the system for quite some time, but chose to make a statement due to viewers trying to label him as one of the dirty players as well.

“The issue I’m having now is that I have people coming to me now, telling me I’m with them (the exploiting players). That I’m doing what they’re doing, because of a picture of a bronze lobby on a website with no verification, using the wrong tools to grade out the right s***.

The website NICKMERCS speaks about is the new and popular website, SBMMWarzone, that grades individual Warzone lobbies by difficulty. By using this site, players can easily tell if certain players are exploiting the matchmaking system to get into easier games.

As a consequence, players are finding some “bot lobbies” out of the 15 or so games on a professional player’s profile and using that singular game to label the player as someone who’s abusing the system. These claims often come without substance or proof that players are regularly getting into easy lobbies.

The vast majority of good players get these lobbies on occasion, and that’s what players are focusing on, whereas players who abuse the system would get these lobbies an overwhelming majority of the time.

NICKMERCS also claimed that the SBMMWarzone website is actually calculating these games incorrectly, stating that “there’s no verification, the math is wrong, they’re not doing it right.”

In a YouTube video by NICKMERCS, he doubles down on these claims, showing us how the SBMMWarzone tool actually calculates lobby ratings. It’s actually not by the average K/D but by the median (the middle) K/D of the lobby, which results in varied/incorrect data.

There’s no doubt there are a select few players in the Warzone community exploiting the matchmaking system, but NICKMERCS recent video shows us that SBMMWarzone’s tool shouldn’t be used as an accurate measure of lobbies.

SBMMWarzone has responded to these claims. For more clarification on the SBMMWarzone tool, you can read here.

Call of Duty: Warzone

“Insane” TikTok Warzone Tec-9 loadout reportedly rivals OTs 9

For those looking to use a different SMG in Warzone Season 6, this Tec-9 loadout from TikTok might just be what you’re looking for.



Warzone TikTok Tec-9 Loadout

While the OTs 9 dominates the SMG category in Warzone Season 6, this new TikTok Tec-9 class might be exactly what you need to rival the meta.

The current meta in Warzone Season 6 features a variety of weapons. From the Cold War AK-47 to the OTs 9, there isn’t currently much room for a new weapon to come in, especially since JGOD dismissed the RPD.

Having said that, this new Tec-9 class found on TikTok just might rival the SMG meta in Season 6.

tec 9 warzone

The Tec-9 has been out of the SMG meta for some time now, but players are starting to use it again recently thanks to the weapon going viral on TikTok

The TikTok video claims that the Tec-9 can “instakill and destroy people with ease” with these specific attachments:

TikTok TEC-9 Warzone loadout

  • Muzzle: Full Auto Repeater
  • Barrel: Task Force Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Ammunition: STANAG 48 Rnd

The Full Auto Repeater is an essential attachment for the Tec-9, allowing the weapon to become automatic and increase its TTK. The Task Force Barrel is also important for increasing the weapons bullet penetration and velocity.

The Field Agent Grip is another essential attachment for this weapon, helping decrease the recoil of the weapon, improving your accuracy.

The Tiger Team Spotlight is great for increasing your mobility with the weapon, while the STANAG 40 Rnd allows you to sustain fire for longer to take multiple enemies out and finish your kills.

This Tec-9 loadout has an extremely fast TTK at close range, and can even rival the current OTs 9 meta.

Warzone players should definitely give this loadout a try if they’re looking to try something new and strong in Warzone Season 6. For more, check out how to unlock the Kali Sticks.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

FaZe Swagg shows off his “aimbot” Warzone settings

FaZe Swagg’s most recent video has finally revealed his Warzone settings, allowing fans to see exactly how he plays the game.



faze swagg warzone settings

For those who are fans of the popular Warzone content creator FaZe Swagg, he has finally shown off his “aimbot” settings.

There are many variables when it comes to becoming a great Warzone player, such as using the current meta weapons, playing to your playstyle, and also finding teammates to link up with.

Having said that, another vital part of becoming a good player is your settings.

FaZe Swagg is a renowned Warzone content creator, and his latest video has finally revealed the settings he uses to dominate Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

faze swagg and m19 akimbo pistols with Warzone picture as background

During his latest video, FaZe Swagg explains that he almost secured a 40 kill game in solo squads with the settings shown.

The Warzone player says his Warzone settings are “one of the most asked questions,” especially as he hasn’t shown them for “4 or 5 seasons.”

There are a lot of settings to go through, so we’ll be detailing all the most important FaZe Swagg Warzone settings the popular players uses.

FaZe Swagg Warzone settings


  • Field of View: 120
  • Mini-Map Shape: Square
  • Mini-Map Rotation: Enabled
  • Colorblind Type: Disabled


faze swag graphics settings
  • Render Resolution: 100
  • Sync Every Frame (V-Sync): Disabled
  • NVIDIA Highlights: Disabled
  • NVIDIA Reflect Low Latency: Enabled + Boost
  • Display Gamma: 2.2
  • Details & Textures: Mostly high
  • Tesselation: Disabled
  • Particle Lighting: Low
  • Ambient Occusion: Disabled
  • Filmic Stength: 0.0
  • NVIDIA DLSS: Disabled
  • Anti-Aliasing: SMAA 1X
  • World Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Weapon Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Film Grain: 0.0
  • Dynamic Resolution: Disabled


faze swagg audio settings
  • Audio Mix: Boost High
  • Music Volume: 0.00
  • Dialogue Volume: 20.00
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects: Classic


faze swagg controller settings
  • Button Layout: Tactical
  • Stick Layout: Default
  • Deadzone: 0.05
  • Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: High 7
  • Vertical Stick Sensitivity: High 7
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low Zoom): 0.90
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High Zoom): 1.00
  • Aim Response Curve Type: Dynamic
  • Controller Vibration: Disabled
  • Scale Aim Assist with FOV: Disabled
  • Use/Reload Behavior: Contextual Tap
  • Armor Plate Behavior: Apply All
  • Automatic Sprint: Automatic Tactical Sprint

There you have it, that’s all of the important settings you need to know to have a similar setup to FaZe Swagg’s “aimbot” settings.

Of course, there’s more to it than just simply using these settings, but if you’re serious about getting good at Warzone, you should take FaZe Swagg’s decisions on these settings into account.

Bear in mind that a lot of the FaZe Swagg Warzone settings are also preferences and also depend on your setup, as Swagg is on PC with a controller.

For more Call of Duty: Warzone, make sure you check out Aydan’s favorite Warzone Season 6 SMG.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision / FaZe Swagg

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Best Krig 6 loadout for CoD: Warzone Season 6

The Krig 6 can be a powerhouse in Warzone with the correct loadout, so we’ve put together the best Perks and attachments to run with it.



best krig 6 warzone loadout

If you’re looking to use one of the most accurate Assault Rifles in Call of Duty’s battle royale, here’s the best Krig 6 loadout for use in Warzone Season 6.

Whilst the Krig 6 is considered to be the best gun in Black Ops Cold War, it’s come and gone from Warzone’s meta.

Its incredible accuracy made it the most popular weapon for a long time, but several nerfs have significantly reduced its popularity. However, if you’re looking for a weapon that’s capable of beaming enemies with no effort, you can’t go wrong with the Krig.

We’ve put together the best attachments and Perks to maximize this weapon’s potential in Warzone Season 6 with the best Warzone Krig 6 loadout.

Best Warzone Krig 6 loadout

best warzone krig 6 loadout

Best Warzone Krig 6 loadout attachments

  • Barrel: 15″ CMV Mil-Spec
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag

Unfortunately, the Krig 6 has very low bullet velocity without attachments to improve it. So we’ve built this Krig 6 to maximize its bullet velocity and damage range, massively improving its slaying potential.

The Agency Suppressor vastly improves the best Warzone Krig 6 loadout. Not only will you be hidden from the minimap when firing, but your rifle will have less recoil, faster bullet velocity, and more power over range.

To further increase the bullet velocity of the best Warzone Krig 6 loadout, you should add the 15″ CMV Mil-Spec, which received a huge buff in the Season 4 patch. This will not only give you a bullet velocity and damage range boost, but now this barrel gives the Krig almost no recoil, allowing you to stay on target and hit all your shots.

Krig 6 Assault Rifle

To perfectly complement its power at medium range, you should add the 3x Axial Arms scope to the best Warzone Krig 6 loadout. This unobtrusive sight will give a perfect view of your enemies, making hitting their upper torso and head much easier.

To further improve your accuracy, the Field Agent Grip will improve your vertical and horizontal recoil control.

The Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag will make sure you have enough bullets to take down multiple enemies before having to reload. You’re going to need as much as you can get when facing enemy trios and quads on Verdansk in Season 6.

Best Perks to use with Warzone Krig 6 class

EOD Perk

You’re going to need three solid Perks for the best Warzone Krig 6 loadout class. The following Perks will complement the setup that we constructed above very well.

  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: Overkill/Ghost
  • Perk 3: Amped

E.O.D will give you a ton of explosive resistance, allowing you to tank an onslaught of explosives coming your way and have a better chance of surviving a gunfight that begins with an onslaught of explosive damage from your enemies.

Depending on how you want to use your Krig 6, you’ll need to either carry a weapon for extreme long-range or something for up-close such as the Cold War MP5. Overkill will allow you to take two primary weapons.

You can get Ghost from your next loadout drop to hide from UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors. Having to switch weapons in gunfights can be a death sentence, but with Amped, you’ll change guns extremely fast, allowing you to continue fighting without delay.

Most recent Krig 6 buffs and nerfs

Krig 6 in black ops cold war armory

Raven Software felt they had nerfed the best Warzone Krig 6 loadout a little too much, so they gave it a slight buff in the September 23 update.

You can find the latest Krig 6 changes below:

  • 19.7” Takedown
    • Horizontal Recoil Control increased from 8% to 9%
  • 19.7” Ranger
    • Vertical Recoil Control increased from 8% to 9%
  • 15.5” Contour
    • Horizontal Recoil Control increased from 4% to 5%
    • Vertical Recoil Control increased from 4% to 5%
  • 15” CMV Mil-Spec
    • Horizontal Recoil Control increased from 8% to 9%
    • Vertical Recoil Control increased from 8% to 9%

How to unlock the Krig 6 in Warzone

Players will be happy to see that there is no unlock challenge they must complete to have this Assault Rifle in their inventory for the Call of Duty Battle Royale. Like most of the other Black Ops Cold War guns, this weapon became available for players to use immediately when the two games merged.

Try out the Krig 6 with these attachments and perks in Season 6, and you will be happy to see how well you perform when you are using the best Warzone Krig 6 loadout.

Best alternatives to Warzone Krig 6

If you’re looking for more great weapons, then you can check out some of this season’s best Warzone loadouts below:

C58 | Groza | M4A1 | Milano | AK-47 

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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