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Call of Duty: Warzone

NICKMERCS calls out “dirty” Warzone tournaments & SBMM tracking

NICKMERCS calls out Warzone tournaments, claiming some players are “dirty”, using exploits to gain unfair advantages.



NICKMERCS has commented on why he no longer plays in Warzone tournaments, citing that some players who are “dirty” are to blame.

In a clip circulating across social media, NICKMERCS finally gives the community the reason as to why he has not been participating in Call of Duty Warzone tournaments as of late.

The streamer cited that he “knows that there are people who cheat, drop their K/D to get into easier lobbies, and people who buy certain routers and use VPN’s so they can only ping certain locations for bot (easier) lobbies.”

He continues to claim that the Warzone tournaments are dirty, due to a select group of players who abuse these mechanics to get easier games. NICKMERCS clarifies “I’m not saying everyone playing in them (the tournaments) are dirty, I’m just saying there are people who are allowed to play in these tournaments who are dirty.”

Apparently, Nick has known about players gaming the system for quite some time, but chose to make a statement due to viewers trying to label him as one of the dirty players as well.

“The issue I’m having now is that I have people coming to me now, telling me I’m with them (the exploiting players). That I’m doing what they’re doing, because of a picture of a bronze lobby on a website with no verification, using the wrong tools to grade out the right s***.

The website NICKMERCS speaks about is the new and popular website, SBMMWarzone, that grades individual Warzone lobbies by difficulty. By using this site, players can easily tell if certain players are exploiting the matchmaking system to get into easier games.

As a consequence, players are finding some “bot lobbies” out of the 15 or so games on a professional player’s profile and using that singular game to label the player as someone who’s abusing the system. These claims often come without substance or proof that players are regularly getting into easy lobbies.

The vast majority of good players get these lobbies on occasion, and that’s what players are focusing on, whereas players who abuse the system would get these lobbies an overwhelming majority of the time.

NICKMERCS also claimed that the SBMMWarzone website is actually calculating these games incorrectly, stating that “there’s no verification, the math is wrong, they’re not doing it right.”

In a YouTube video by NICKMERCS, he doubles down on these claims, showing us how the SBMMWarzone tool actually calculates lobby ratings. It’s actually not by the average K/D but by the median (the middle) K/D of the lobby, which results in varied/incorrect data.

There’s no doubt there are a select few players in the Warzone community exploiting the matchmaking system, but NICKMERCS recent video shows us that SBMMWarzone’s tool shouldn’t be used as an accurate measure of lobbies.

SBMMWarzone has responded to these claims. For more clarification on the SBMMWarzone tool, you can read here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Soap Operator & CX-9 SMG officially added to Warzone & Modern Warfare

After a long time of waiting, the Soap Operator and CX-9 SMG have officially been added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare.



Modern warfare Warzone Soap CX-9

The Soap Operator and CX-9 have been two pieces of unreleased content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone that players have been anxiously awaiting to see added to both games, and August 3 saw their wishes granted.

One of the biggest topics for Warzone and Modern Warfare players has been the group of unreleased content that has been leaked and seen in both games before but still not officially added.

This content consisted of the Soap Operator, the CX-9 SMG, and RAAL LMG. The Soap Operator for Warzone and Modern Warfare had been leaked a while back.

At the same time, both the CX-9 SMG and RAAL LMG were added without any official notice to Warzone a couple of seasons ago before being removed without any warning before their blueprints were spotted in the files for both games.

The CX-9 was then spotted in a gameplay video showing off the Season 4 Reloaded Payload game mode.

However, the unreleased nature of two of these pieces of unreleased content changed on August 3, 2021, when the Soap Operator and CX-9 SMG were officially added to both games, much to the delight of the Call of Duty community.

soap modern warfare warzone

Soap and CX-9 in Warzone and Modern Warfare

The addition of Soap and the CX-9 in Warzone and Modern Warfare came as a surprise on August 3, 2021, with there not being any official announcements regarding their arrival before showing up in the store for both games.

Players can acquire both of these pieces of content in the Soap Warzone and Modern warfare bundle that is currently available in the store for both games. This bundle costs 2,400 COD Points and comes with various items that you can find below:

  • Highlands Soap Skin
  • Serac CX-9 Blueprint
  • Suilven Handgun Blueprint
  • Alpenstock Melee Blueprint
  • To The Top Weapon Charm
  • Point Taken Finishing Move
  • Scan The Vista Calling Card
  • Cold Depths Emblem
  • Clean Cut Spray
soap operator bundle modern warfare warzone

There is no doubt that plenty of Call of Duty players will be more than excited to get their hands on Soap and the CX-9 in Warzone and Modern Warfare and dish out some long-awaited highlights with both pieces of previously unreleased content.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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Call of Duty: Vanguard

First CoD Vanguard teaser shown in Warzone Season 5 artwork

Call of Duty: Vanguard is now basically confirmed with the new Warzone & Cold War Season 5 teaser image.



Call of Duty WWII

The official Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 key art was posted by Activision on August 3, confirming in an initial leak on the key art. Now, players have spotted the key art has teasers for Call of Duty 2021, with Japanese text on the side of the image.

It looks like we now have our first teaser for Call of Duty: Vanguard, as Activision gets closer to announcing the new title from Sledgehammer Games.

The Season 5 key art shared by Activision, shown below, reveals a first look at the new Operator for Call of Duty: Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 5.

Fans have now found that (via @EricMaynardII) the image appears to have teasers for Call of Duty 2021.

On the right side, there’s Japanese text written, as you can see below. Season 5 story around Warzone & Cold War is expected to include Japan-based elements.

Putting that text through Google Translate, it translates into “Vanguard is coming.”

This now confirms that Call of Duty 2021’s title is in fact Call of Duty: Vanguard, which was rumored to be the game’s title for a while now.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is expected to be revealed via Call of Duty: Warzone during Season 5, most likely during the month of August.

The game is expected to take place during WWII era and will feature a brand new Warzone map that is centered around the Pacific theater of WWII.

Activision has not announced any details on Call Duty 2021 officially yet, so stay tuned for the latest news on Call of Duty.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to unlock the Mace in Warzone & Cold War Season 4

The Mace is the next destructive melee weapon to make its way into Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, so here is how you can unlock this item.



unlock mace black ops cold war warzone

Season 4 will be expanding the weapon locker of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone with some exciting new weapons for players to unlock and use in their battles, and we have everything you need to know to unlock the new Mace in Cold War and Warzone.

There have been plenty of new weapons added to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone over the past few months. Season 4 will be no different as players will have the ability to acquire a variety of new ones to use in their fights, such as the C58 Assault Rifle, MG 82 LMG, Nail Gun, and OTs 9 SMG.

One of these new weapons will be expanding the melee arsenal of both games in the form of the Mace, which will undoubtedly pack a punch whenever a player hits an enemy with it.

With this in mind, here is how you can unlock the Mace in both Cold War and Warzone.

unlock mace black ops cold war warzone

How to unlock Mace in Cold War and Warzone

The Call of Duty community will find two different ways they will be able to unlock the Mace in Cold War and Warzone.

One of these ways is to complete a challenge that will unlock the base weapon for players to smash their enemies in either game.

You can find the unlock challenge for this new melee weapon below:

  • Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer/Warzone: Using a Melee weapon, get a kill while sliding in 15 different completed matches.
  • Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Using a Melee weapon, kill 50 Special or Elite enemies that are taunted by your Frenzied Guard

Players will also be able to unlock the Mace in Cold War and Warzone by purchasing a bundle from the in-game store for both games, which will grant you access to a blueprint that will allow you to use the weapon immediately.

How to get Mystic’s Scepter bundle Spellcaster Mace blueprint

Players can also automatically unlock the new melee weapon by acquiring the Spellcaster blueprint when they purchase the Mystic’s Scepter bundle in the store for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War for 1,300 COD points.

According to the official description of this melee weapon, it is “a weapon ill fit for the weak. Mace can inflict critical damage on command — no dice rolls needed on whether it can bludgeon your rivals in a single blow within Multiplayer.”

There is no doubt plenty of players will be doing their best to score some highlight moments with this melee weapon when it officially arrives in Season 4.

For more on Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, check out what JGOD believes is the most underrated loadout or what fan-favorite Black Ops map might be in the new Mauer der Toten Zombies map.

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