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Call of Duty: Warzone

NICKMERCS explains why Season 2 update has made Warzone worse than ever

Popular Faze Clan member Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff has explained why the Warzone Season 2 update has made the game worse.



nickmercs warzone season 2

Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff had not held back in his criticism of Warzone Season 2 as he believes the new update has made the CoD battle royale shooter worse than ever.

The Faze Clan star was streaming the newest season of Warzone and he had some very strong words for the game’s latest update. It’s fair to say that NICKMERCS didn’t mince his words when it came to the new Warzone Season 2 update.

He claims that the game is “worse today than it was just yesterday, how’s that possible?” Nick has been one of the many voices within the Call of Duty community that has been calling for Warzone to introduce some elements and revitalize the game.

It seems that even though Activision has done their best to rectify this, it may have also antagonized some of its fans simultaneously.

cod bocw warzone season 2 outbreak mode

NICKMERCS makes no hesitation in saying that: “The Gulag sucks. It’s horrible.” Warzone became popular, even featuring in many popular internet memes, for the original Gulag as it was universally well-received. But then Season 1 introduced a version of Nuketown that players called “unfair”, and it was exploitable. It seems like the reception of the newest one hasn’t been too positive so far.

However, the main issue that seems to be bothering Nick the most is the addition of Zombies to Warzone. He recently explained why he wasn’t excited for Warzone Season 2’s Outbreak mode, citing the influence of Zombies on Warzone’s base game. He blames Fortnite as they introduced zombie-like creatures into all aspects of the game at one point.

He thinks Fornite is responsible for the undead featuring in Warzone saying: “Fortnite is the one that started all this.” Before he can get into a proper explanation of the game’s impact on battle royale, his next redeployment in Warzone is immediately curtailed by the Warzone ship intro video.

It has already become notorious for being incredibly loud and playing at the beginning of every match. This causes Nick to exaggeratively scream his words and lament the game’s newest update, finishing off by calling it “horrible.”

It was a given that not everyone was going to take a shine to the introduction of Zombies in Warzone Season 2. It’s a big change from what regular players are used to, and not everyone likes the Zombies aspect of CoD.

Perhaps the devs already knew this and at some point, we will see a regular version of Warzone added at some point.

Image credits: Activision