UPDATE 3: Nuketown Zombies available now for Xbox Season Pass owners.

UPDATE 2: Activision has confirmed Nuketown Zombies will be available TOMORROW (December 12th) for Xbox 360 Season pass holders.


UPDATE: Activision has confirmed that this was a mistake, and it was not supposed to be available yet. Nuketown Zombies is still coming sometime this month for Xbox Season Pass Holders.

Activision or Treyarch have yet to officially announce a release date for Nuketown Zombies, but it appears that Nuketown Zombies is available now on the in-game Xbox LIVE store for Season Pass holders.

Some fans are reporting that if you don’t have the season pass, it shows up in the in-game Zombies store, but it won’t download.

People with season passes are getting plagued with errors trying to download the map. Maybe because it is not supposed to be available yet? We don’t know for sure, but we’ll let you know once we find out.

PlayStation 3 and PC Season Pass holders will get access to this map in January, as Xbox gets all DLC first.

SOURCE: Black Ops II In-Game Store

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