The official Call of Duty site seems to confirm that we are getting gameplay from a campaign mission for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 very soon. A user on Reddit first reported that Call of Duty site had a small update on the homepage which says “Watch the Campaign Co-Op Playthrough.”

At first we thought this was another photoshop, but checking the Google Cache version of shows that the site did have that listing on it late last night.

The description says that the gameplay will allows fans to “Catch your first glimpse into the all-new
Co-op Campaign with the Ramses Station playthrough.”

‘Ramses Station’ was the mission that members of the press saw at Treyarch Studios back in April during the reveal time. It’s also the mission that was featured in the Reveal Trailer for the game.

We expect to see this gameplay at E3 next week…stay tuned.

SOURCE: Google Cache via Reddit

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