We always promised to remain ad-free, however increased site traffic has made our server cost skyrocket and something needs to be done to save the site. We refuse to resort to annoying ads and pop-ups so instead, why not give the fans what they’ve been asking for.. T-SHIRTS!

That’s right, we’ll be doing a small (limited time only) fundraiser in order to raise $330 which should fund us for 1 more year.

USA: $34.95
UK/Certain parts of Europe: $39.95 (£24.95, €30)
*TOTAL, Shipping included. US Dollar Prices. PayPal ONLY

We never planned on making money from our blog, this site has always been for the fans, by fans. So to break it down, the shirts cost us $24.95 with shipping which means $10 will be go towards our effort (Which means we have to sell 33 shirts).

We are committed to bringing you up to date and breaking news for anything Call of Duty related. We hope you enjoyed our coverage this past year because it looks like Treyarch will be making us work at it again once their new project is officially announced.. Stay Frosty 😉



DONATIONS also welcomed!

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