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Call of Duty

Opinion: Compared to other Call of Duty titles, Black Ops 4’s reward system lacks player choice



With no avenues to earn loot outside of Contraband Streams and Cases, Black Ops 4’s rewards feel empty and inconsistent.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has severe loot issues. Between the lack of enticing items offered in paid Reserve Cases, to the absence of challenges that reward character cosmetics, the way most things are unlocked doesn’t feel earned.

None of these Outfits were earned by actually playing as Torque. (Black Ops 4)

The loot system in Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s feels bare. From the launch of the game, something didn’t sit right with me. Coming from Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and WWII, I was surprised to see that I had no choice in how I was earning items aside from the traditional weapon camo challenges. There was only Tiers and randomized lootboxes.

Black Ops 3 offered Specialist Personalization in the form of challenges. Infinite Warfare introduced a Salvage and Collection system that showed you direct paths towards unlocking specific items, and WWII let players choose Contracts and Orders that had a variety of rewards. Black Ops 4 has the Contraband Stream and real money purchases. That’s it.

There are three major systems from past Call of Duty’s that are missing in Black Ops 4’s Multiplayer:

  • Challenge-based Character Cosmetics
  • Collections
  • Contracts/Orders/Missions

Breaking down each of these, challenge-based cosmetics have been around since Modern Warfare. Get enough headshots with a gun, you unlock a camo for that gun.

When Ghosts introduced the Create-a-Soldier system, those character cosmetics followed the weapon model and were also unlocked through challenges. While direct purchase cosmetics were later offered, there was always a handful of character skins you knew you could unlock by performing specific actions.

If you played as Outrider, you earned Outrider items. Makes sense. (Black Ops 3)

Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare all kept that system intact because it’s a great way to make the player feel like they have control over what they are earning rather than feel like they’re scratching lottery tickets.

In Black Ops 4 the only cosmetic challenges that are present are weapon camos and calling cards. Character Cosmetics are all in the Contraband Stream which doesn’t require any specific actions.

Spent an hour getting 5 Kills and 100 Deaths in Multiplayer? You earn a tier. Spent an hour with Ruin getting 30 Grav Slam kills? Here’s the same tier. There’s no more player agency when these challenges are stripped from the game. The incentive to play well is lost when everyone is rewarded equally.

The challenge based system made sense because you were rewarded with new character items for the character you were playing as, rather than a random lootbox or a tier that gave you a skin for a character you weren’t using.

Clear paths to your desired rewards using currency earned from doing specific actions. (Infinite Warfare)

The Prototype Lab introduced in Infinite Warfare fixes Black Ops 3’s biggest lootbox issue. While BO3 restricted new guns to the luck of the draw, IW gave all players access to the base models of new weapons, while offering direct avenues to earn upgraded versions of every gun.

Salvage, the currency used to unlock upgraded guns, was given to players frequently through login bonuses, Mission Teams, and lootboxes. Players could see the prices of better guns and what it took to get them. This system evolved into Collections in Modern Warfare Remastered and WWII that showed players exactly what was needed to unlock the best items.

If I want an Epic NV4 in IW, I know I need to buy the Rare and Legendary versions first. I can see what the prices are for those and know how much Salvage I need to save up. If I want the Rangers shotgun in MWR, I know I need to save up enough parts to buy the Camos and Calling Cards that lead up to it.

This idea of seeing what I need to do to unlock something, then doing that, is what Black Ops 4 lacks. I can tell you exactly how many Parts or Salvage I need to unlock something in MWR and IW, I can not tell you how much money I need to spend to unlock a specific item in Black Ops 4. That’s a problem.

The lack of any clear path to specific rewards in BO4 means that players feel absolutely zero control over the items they receive.

No guessing here. If I get 100 LMG Kills, I get an LMG. Simple as that. (WWII)

However, the system that gives players the most control and agency over how they go about unlocking things in recent Call of Duty’s is WWII’s Contracts and Orders. Between Daily and Weekly Orders, I can choose what I need to do to earn what I want.

If I want the Epic Variant of the Lewis LMG, I can accept the Order to get 100 LMG kills, get the LMG kills because I’m an LMG player, and get the reward. Simple. Rather than playing for an hour to unlock a lootbox, I can choose an Order that I personally can complete in less than an hour and be rewarded with a lootbox.

While there are issues here, like the fact that there are only 6 daily orders and 3 weekly, the idea is in the right place. Player choice is completely absent in BO4. You spend time in the game or you don’t. That’s about as much choice you have when it comes to what rewards you earn.

Although, I will give credit to Blackout Character Unlocks which is exactly the system we should see but in MP and Zombies. Direct avenues of earning specific items is what’s best for players and makes them feel ownership over the loot they earn.

Since all loot in Black Ops 4 is funneled into one stream of content, I feel like I am being rewarded less often and less relevantly. My actions aren’t tied to my rewards. When someone sees a skin I’m wearing in Multiplayer and asks how I got it, my answer should demonstrate my skill or choices, not just randomization. Call of Duty has always had the right idea with Weapon Camos being earned through proficiency with a specific gun, now that philosophy has to be applied everywhere else in Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty

Is Black Ops 2 being remastered? Rumors & leaks

Fans have been wondering for sometime if CoD: Black Ops 2 is going to be remastered, and we’ll answer that today.



black ops 2 remaster

Several Call of Duty games have received the remaster treatment in recent years, and it’s left fans wondering if the mega-popular Black Ops 2 will get one. Here are all the latest rumors and leaks regarding a Black Ops 2 remaster.

The popularity of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 simply cannot be understated with the game being considered the greatest of all time by many. But fast-forward to 2021, and players want to know if this beloved entry in the CoD franchise will be remastered.

The premise of Call of Duty remasters was kickstarted by the 2016 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered title. Since then, we’ve also had the Modern Warfare 2 campaign be remastered, and there are rumors of Modern Warfare 3 being remastered, despite Activision saying it isn’t.

Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 being remastered?

action in black ops 2 campaign

From what we understand, no, not at this time. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that any form of Black Ops remaster is in the works.

Naturally, people would think that Treyarch’s Black Ops may receive the same love that the Modern Warfare franchise has gotten, but alas it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Why isn’t Black Ops 2 being remastered?

players trying to take flag in black ops 2

We believe there could be two strong reasons for Black Ops 2 not being remastered, one being that it would oversaturate the CoD market, and also that we’ve already seen a few of its maps recently.

If a full Black Ops 2 remaster were to exist anytime soon, it would mean that Activision would have the end of Black Ops Cold War’s run, 2019’s Modern Warfare, Warzone, Vanguard, and Black Ops 2.

One of the problems 2016’s Infinite Warfare suffered from is that it released with the full Call of Duty 4 remaster, and consequently, the player base was divided between the two games.

nuketown '84 in black ops cold war

Furthermore, Black Ops Cold War featured no less than seven Black Ops 2 map remasters throughout its multiple seasons, and they feel too fresh in the memory to warrant a remaster of the multiplayer.

We could see a remaster of the Black Ops campaigns, following the successful rerelease of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

Activision may have some surprises and remasters up their sleeves, but for the time being, we can only speculate and ask you to keep checking in to see if anything becomes official.

Also, check out everything we know about Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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Call of Duty

Infinity Ward announces new Austin office as studio gears up for CoD 2022

The original Call of Duty developer, Infinity Ward, is expanding its operations via a new office in Austin, Texas for CoD 2022.



Infinity ward new austin texas office

One of the three developers behind the Call of Duty franchise is getting a new office. Infinity Ward is expanding its operations via a new office in Austin, Texas, in preparation for CoD 2022.

Infinity Ward is the developer behind the original Call of Duty game. Activision founded Infinity Ward in 2002, with the first Call of Duty title being released in 2003. This birthed one of the most iconic video game franchises to date.

Infinity Ward would go on to develop Call of Duty 2 in 2005 before alternating developers. Now, Infinity Ward is known for developing the Modern Warfare titles, which are released roughly every three years.

With Infinity Ward releasing the last Modern Warfare title in 2019, the developer is gearing up for another release in 2022. We don’t know what CoD 2022 will be just yet, but we do know that Infinity Ward is expanding its operations with a new office.

Infinity Ward Austin Texas office

call of duty modern warfare

Today, Infinity Ward announced via Twitter that it would be opening a new office in Austin, Texas. This would be the fourth development hub for the company, with the other three being located in Los Angeles, Poland, and Mexico.

This also means that Infinity Ward is hiring. According to Infinity Ward, the Austin office is currently hiring for all positions, and you can find all of the available jobs posted on the Infinity Ward website.

Call of Duty: Vanguard releases in less than a month. It’s taking players back to WWII, where Infinity Ward is expected to bring the franchise back to modern times, with CoD 2022 speculated to be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019.

That being said, we have no official idea what to expect from Infinity Ward going into 2022, but with the significant success of Modern Warfare 2019, it will no doubt be a Call of Duty game plenty of players will love.

Regardless, Infinity Ward is planning something big, and the new office proves just that. So, if Vanguard isn’t your cup of tea, CoD 2022 is just a year away.

For more Call of Duty, check out the insane number of weapon camos for Vanguard, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

Image Credits: Infinity Ward / Activision

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Call of Duty

Biggest AAA video games coming in 2022: PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, PC, Stadia & Steam

2022 could be a huge year for video games and here’s all the biggest titles coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and more – with dates.



biggest games in 2022

2022 is shaping up to be a massive year for video games. Between franchises such as God of War, Gran Turismo, Horizon, Pokemon, and Harry Potter, the PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, PC, and Stadia have some mammoth titles to host. Here’s an extensive look into the biggest games and potential release dates too.

The beginning of 2022 will signal over a year since the PS5, and Xbox Series X took video games to the ninth generation of consoles. Developers have had plenty of time to chew the fat and harness the power of the consoles to create immense AAA experiences.

There’s also plenty of mileage left for the Nintendo Switch, and of course, PC, Stadia, and Steam are always on the march.

With 2021 already delivering Returnal, Resident Evil Village, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite, Ratchet & Clank, and Far Cry 6, 2022 looks to go even bolder.

PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC, Steam & Stadia video games in 2022

Some genuinely iconic franchises and household names are expected to launch video games in 2022, so here’s a look at the top AAA video games coming in 2022.

God of War: Ragnarok release date: 2022

kratos and tyr staring at each other in god of war ragnarok

Players got a juicy look at the next epic adventure in Santa Monica’s God of War franchise during the 2021 PlayStation Experience. Kratos and Atreus are set to battle with Freya, possibly Thor, and their own demons.

God of War Ragnarok looks like it’s expanded upon the reboot to incorporate more NPCs, more spectacular gameplay, and a gripping narrative that will test the bond between father and son.

Horizon Forbidden West release date: February 18, 2022

aloy riding mount in horizon forbidden west

Aloy is one of the standout protagonists in gaming during modern times, and her post-apocalyptic adventures are set to continue in Horizon Forbidden West.

She seeks to uncover even more truth and learn about the state of the world she resides in, all the while battling even more dangerous robotic creatures and nature itself.

Elden Ring release date: January 21, 2022

a boss battle in elden ring

One of the first games to arrive in 2022, Elden Ring is the next sinister and challenging game to come from the sadistic bunch at FromSoftware.

Their track record at producing brutal yet satisfying RPGs will be tested in the form of Elden Ring, their newest ‘Souls’ game. Unlike previous FromSoftware games, there seems to be a much deeper emphasis on the story with Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin on board to help with the narrative.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus release date: January 28, 2022

trainer observing the land in pokemon arceus

Unlike the typical dual-releases that Pokemon specializes in, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a standalone game that continues the growth shown in recent, mainline Pokemon titles.

Embracing the open-world nature of 2020’s Pokemon Sword and Shield, Arceus is a brand new adventure that will involve all the familiar, beloved elements of Pokemon games: obtaining them, training them, leveling them, and catching them all!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction release date: January 2022

rainbow six operators walking cautiously

Another spin-off, this time from the team at Ubisoft as they take a drastic turn away from the realism of simulated combat.

Instead, Rainbow Six Extraction delves into the world of the unknown, and non-human, as teams of three pull together to take down alien creatures called Archaeans. It will feature lots of the same gameplay mechanics and Operators from Siege, but with a darker, deadly twist.

Dying Light 2 release date: February 4, 2022

zombie enemies in dying light 2

The long-awaited sequel to the hit 2015 survival-adventure game, Dying Light 2 promises to bring more parkour-zombie-survival action that made the first such a breakout success.

Offering more open-world exploration, the player must scavenge, forge friendships (and weapons), and deal with both friendly and hostile forces.

As with the first Dying Light, players need to make the most of the precious daylight before night strikes, as the undead gets a bit more fidgety and murderous.

Gran Turismo 7 release date: March 4, 2022

race gameplay in gran turismo 7

Polyphony Digital is infamous for taking their time between each Gran Turismo release to ensure every one is as polished as can be, and the PS5 looks set to make Gran Turismo 7 one of the best-looking games ever.

Like with God of War Ragnarok, the 2021 PlayStation Experience gave fans a glimpse into the high-speed action they can expect with Gran Turismo 7.

It’s learned from its predecessor’s mistakes and will launch with a complete career mode, and could be a bonafide system-seller for Sony and the PlayStation brand.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 release date: 2022

link running in breath of the wild 2

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 could easily be one of the most anticipated games of all time.

Breath of the Wild took the world by storm in 2017 with its rich, expressive world that deviated from the conventions of traditional Zelda games. Many millions of copies sold later, and fans everywhere are desperate for the next chapter for Link in this gorgeous, sprawling version of Hyrule.

Call of Duty 2022 release date: 2022

hotel royal match in cod vanguard

It wouldn’t be a year of video games without a major Call of Duty release, and we expect 2022 to be no different.

Given that there’s already a buzz about Call of Duty 2023, we would say it’s safe to assume that another Call of Duty game will release in 2022.

With Vanguard being set in World War 2, rumors are rife that the 2022 Call of Duty will be a Modern Warfare sequel.

Gotham Knights release date: 2022

main characters walking in gotham knights

A Gotham City without the caped crusader is a strange thought, but that’s the threat that faces it as Bruce Wayne is dead.

In Batman’s place, his former proteges need to step up and protect Gotham, batting away any threats of crime perpetrated by some of its most evil supervillains. Featuring co-operative mode, players can take control of these plucky heroes and hopefully do Batman proud.

Hogwarts Legacy release date: 2022

a young wizard using a wand in harry potter hogwarts legacy

There have been many Harry Potter movie tie-in games, but there still hasn’t been an authentic RPG experience that lets you become your own wizard – until now.

Hogwarts Legacy will let fans worldwide finally live out their dream of attending Hogwarts, and the game allows players to select their House, the classes they do, and customize their character, all the while fighting monsters and completing quests.

That completes our guide to the biggest and most anticipated video games that are due to arrive in 2022.

For all the latest news and guides on these games and more, stay with us at Charlie INTEL!

Image Credit: Avalanche Software, WB Games Montreal, Nintendo, Polyphony Digital, Techland, Game Freak, FromSoftware, Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica Studios, Ubisoft

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