Editor’s Note: This is just an opinion piece on what we think are the possibilities of Advanced Warfare Multiplayer. No official MP details have been announced yet, other than the fact that we’ll be seeing exoskeleton in some form in Multiplayer. 

With Sledgehammer Games bringing Call of Duty to a new era with Advanced Warfare, we wanted to investigate the possibilities of how Exoskeleton can be used inside of the multiplayer aspect of the game. Sledgehammer has stated that Advanced Warfare MP will have the Exo-Suits, which will foster in changes to the core mechanics. Other than that, they haven’t said anything official on how it will work.


The Exoskeleton will provide new abilities to players that we’ve never seen before. In the campaign mode, Exoskeleton delivers the abilities for boost-jump, dodge-jump, cloaking abilities, and more. How could this all translate to multiplayer?



Boost-jumps is definetly a new thing for Call of Duty fans. Within Call of Duty titles, verticality hasn’t really been a major factor, as jumping has been more “realisitic” to modern-era times; nothing as crazy as Titanfall, or as Halo up until now. But in Advanced Warfare, the Exoskeleton will allow players to boost jump, jumping up to new heights and places like never before. So, what could this do for MP?


It could bring more verticality to maps and even allow players to reach new places in maps. Currently, in Call of Duty, we’re limited to how high up we can reach, dependent upon the accessibility of features like stairs/ladders. With boost-jumps, we could get from roof top to roof top a lot quicker. We could even get to higher places faster, without having to find stairs/etc.

It’s also a possibility that we could see no more falling damage in Advanced Warfare. That would be big for Call of Duty. When we’re in game, and our screen is all red, we know anything we do may get us killed. The worst is when you fall out and die due to fall damage. Having no falling damage would be a great addition. This could also mean we can jump from place to place, without the fear of dying upon accidentally falling short of a jump.


When we say verticality, we don’t want maps like Battlefield at all. Those are way to high up roof tops, and we don’t see the boost jump taking us up that high in Call of Duty.



Another interesting ability players will get is the new dodge jump; this is demonstrated in the “Induction” campaign mission, where the player jumps out of the way from fire to get a new angle on the enemy. In MP, this could change the strategies and way we play. If you’re stuck in a situation where there’s to many players and cover is the just to one side of you, you could be able to get their quicker, and get right back into the battle.

Cloaking Abilities: 

Advanced Warfare’s Exo-Suit allows for Cloaking abilities, where you go completely invisible from view for a short period of time. Now, it’s not confirmed at all if this is coming to MP, but what are the possibilities and results if it does end up in MP?

For one, we see it maybe implemented as an ability you can get from a streak reward (note: it’s not announced or discussed yet how killstreaks, etc will work). If it’s a reward, then it can be balanced and effective for players. Balance wise, this feature, shown in campaign mode at a behind doors demo at E3 in BioLab mission, would only work for a certain period of time. After a while, it needed to be charged up again before reactivating. Cloaking would allow you to sneak by in objective game modes or get to cover without being seen.


There’s also a feature, discussed by Sledgehammer in this video, called ‘Overdrive.’ This feature makes you go faster, which makes you feel like the world around you is going slower. Here’s another situation where we see players getting this via a reward; sort of like a KEM strike, it would alter the world that would result in enemy players are slowed down, and the player who earned the streak gets to use the mode to move faster.


Exo-Suits also provide for more player strength and player driven control. As demonstrated in the Induction mission, players have more strength to the point that they can rip off a car door and use it as cover till it get’s damaged. In MP, this could basically become a riot shield for anyone who wants to use it; we would no longer have to equip a separate riot shield, instead just rip off a certain object and have one ready at cover at any point in a map.

Let us know what you think about Exo-Suits in MP and give us feedback on what else you would like us to go in depth on in the comment section below! 

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