Editor’s Note: This is just an opinion piece on what we think are the possibilities of Advanced Warfare Multiplayer. No official MP details have been announced yet. 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s futuristic setting introduces lot of a new gadgets and vehicles to the game. As of now, we’ve only seen these new technology in action in trailers and Induction mission. But we wanted to explore the possibilities on how this could relate and be brought over to multiplayer.

Mobile Barricades

As shown in action in the Future Tech BTS video & in the Induction video, mobile barricades are a brand new way to get cover fast and easily. These barricades are simple to use – you walk up to it, it syncs with your character. Once it’s synced, the shield automatically comes down when you aim your weapon to shoot. Now, this could be used to replace riot shields, or these could be placed in certain places around the maps in MP. We feel like SHGames could be giving these barricades their own health level; once it’s damaged enough, it breaks and you loose that cover.

Hover bikes 

Hover bikes are a new class of vehicles for Call of Duty. We’ve never had ground vehicles in multiplayer before – except in Call of Duty: World at War with the tanks. There’s many ways that hover bikes could be implemented into MP. One way is via a kill streak reward; once you earn this reward, you can use it around the map, and it should have a machine gun attached to it. Of course, it has to be balanced in that it has to have a counter to it for those without it (like RPGs or shooting it down).

Threat Detection Grenade 

The threat detection grenade was shown in action in the Induction mission as well as in the Future Tech BTS video. This allows you to throw a grenade and it’ll detect where all the enemies are near by, even revealing their position when behind cover. Many people would be quick to draw the conclusion that this will be over powered in the sense that it can reveal all the player’s locations, but there’s probably gonna be a way, easy way, to counter it. Maybe a perk system (note: it’s unclear if and how a perk system will be in AW MP) with a certain perk – like in previous Call of Duty games – that’ll allow you to remain hidden from these grenades.

Walking / Hover Tanks 

Another big part of Advanced Warfare is the hover tanks and the walking tanks. We saw the walking tank in the Induction mission, and in the E3 missions they showed behind closed doors, we saw a hover tank in action. These are really powerful machines – with plenty of arsenal and types of weapons to use. Here’s another instance where we feel like this will become a kill streak reward for players that earn it.

This is just some of the technology and gadgets that we’ve seen so far. Sledgehammer Games has said that the gadgets will not be over powered in the game and that everything will be balanced.

Let us know what you think about gadgets and vehicles in MP and give us feedback on what else you would like us to go in depth on in the comment section below! 


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