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Opinion: Post-launch DLC weapons should not be exclusively in Supply Drops



So…we think it’s time we talk about the whole Supply Drop situation and Call of Duty right now. There is a lot of talk about and discussion about the implementation of Supply Drops in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. At launch, it worked perfectly. The items in the Supply Drops were cosmetic only, and it provided a direct in-game currency to get the items.

Then comes December 15th.

That’s the first set of new items in the Black Market and the launch of COD Points. Now still there is no problem here. Cosmetic items do not effect gameplay, and to be honest, do no matter if you don’t want it. Treyarch did so something else right here too: ability to burn duplicates to re-gain Cryptokeys. Something that was not available in Advanced Warfare.

And then, February 9.

Here, Activision announces new weapons are coming to the Black Market. The all new MX Garand Assault Rifle and Marshal 16 Shotgun-Pistol. (Side Note: we do not count the melee weapons as actual game-changing weapons as they do not effect gameplay at all. They are just cosmetic variants of the combat knife). This takes us right back where we were with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. (The difference between Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 all along was that weapons were part of Supply Drops in Advanced Warfare since Day 1. That was an integral part of the game.) All new weapons coming to Supply Drops and Supply Drops only. While you can get these weapons from the Cryptokeys, the rate at which you earn those keys is greatly reduced compared to what you would think they could be.

Now, it would be more justifiable to have weapons in the Supply Drops if there were some weapons also coming with the DLC packs. But Awakening (DLC1) had none. (We do not know yet if the remaining three DLC packs will have weapons, and if the DLC packs do, then maybe this whole thing can be justified.) For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, DLC pack 1 and 2 contained new weapons. Season Pass owners got some new weapons because of this. While Activision never advertised new weapons in the Season Pass for Black Ops 3, so there’s no promise that the have to deliver them, Activision is making it harder to justify players buying the Season Pass pre-launch. For Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, Activision advertised new weapons in the Season Pass, and they did deliver upon that promise.

Possible Solution #1: All of the post launch weapons should be available as a separate purchase and in Supply Drops. For those that want the cosmetic items, they can keep getting Supply Drops and still have a chance of getting the weapons, alongside the cosmetic items. For those that do not want the Supply Drops, they can get the weapons directly. This seems like a win-win situation here. There will be a larger player base having new weapons as more people will buy them separately.

Possible Solution #2: Activision can put some weapons in Supply Drops only, but also release other new weapons as a separate purchase. Here, a reason exists to continue to get Supply Drops, but there is also other weapons to get in a different way.

While Call of Duty: Ghosts did not have Supply Drops, Activision/Infinity Ward did sell DLC1 and DLC2 weapons as a separate purchase for those that just wanted the weapon, so this is something Activision has done before. The cost of weapons does not matter at this point. Probably a $3.99 price would work for many, but just the fact that weapons are available as a separate purchase would appease to the fan base.

We want to see Call of Duty succeed. We built this site because of our passion and love for the Call of Duty franchise. The Supply Drop base system is good. It’s a nice way to earn all of the new gear, taunts/gestures, and more. But they need to let the weapons — something all the fans really want (and care about) — be available in the supply drops and available separately.


FIFA 22 worst ratings: 5 players who need an upgrade in FIFA 23

In preparation for FIFA 23, we’re looking back at the five worst FIFA 22 ratings to highlight who is most deserving of an upgrade.



Saint-Maximin FIFA 22 Newcastle

These five players are most deserving of a major rating upgrade in FIFA 23 after receiving some of the worst ratings in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22’s cycle is slowly coming to an end with players setting their sights on FIFA 23. As the release window for the new game approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating the reveal of player ratings.

Each year, player ratings generate a ton of buzz as fans of the franchise discuss which ratings EA perfected, and which ratings fell short of the mark. Of course, player ratings impact all of FIFA 23’s modes, but they usually have the biggest impact on the incredibly popular Ultimate Team mode.

Using FIFA 22 ratings, here are five players who are most deserving of an upgrade in FIFA 23.

Aaron Ramsdale

FIFA 22 Ramsdale rating

While Ramsdale is certainly deserving of an upgrade following his successful season at Arsenal, it’s easy to understand why EA Sports opted for a rating of 74 in FIFA 22. Not only was Ramsdale unproven in the competitive Premier League, but with Bernd Leno as Arsenal’s first-choice keeper, Ramsdale was viewed as a goalkeeper for the future.

Of course, all that changed as Ramsdale earned the number one spot and tallied 34 Premier League appearances and 12 clean sheets for Arsenal in his debut season for the club, which makes him deserving of a much-improved rating in FIFA 23.


FIFA 22 Bremer rating

Torino was expected to have a truly disappointing 2021/2022 season, but an extremely positive campaign awaited the club instead. The Italian side managed a tenth-place finish in Serie A and this was mostly thanks to the stellar displays from defender Bremer.

Bremer began FIFA 22 as a 76-rated player and has since earned a Serie A defender of the year award, as well as a high-profile move to Juventus. There isn’t a center-back who is more deserving of a FIFA 23 upgrade than Bremer.

Jonathan Clauss

Clauss FIFA 22 rating

Jonathan Clauss may be a defender in FIFA 22, but his style of play as an attacking fullback earned him a few TOTW items and a well-deserved spot on the Ligue 1 TOTS. Much like Bremer, Claus was the reason his Lens side overachieved in 2021/2022 with a seventh-place finish.

Clauss has since moved to Marseille where the RWB will look to improve on his five goals and eleven assists totaled in the previous campaign.

Allan Saint-Maximin

Saint-maximin FIFA 22 rating

One glance at a Newcastle match and it’s clear to see why Saint-Maximin is deserving of breaking into the 80s in FIFA 23. The winger is a magician with the ball at his feet and is simply a nightmare for opposing defenders to handle.

His pace and dribbling are breathtaking to watch and even with major investment coming into the club and attracting world-class players, Newcastle stated that Saint-Maximin is not for sale.

His goals and assists tally may have been low, but we must remember that he played on a Newcastle side that narrowly avoided relegation last season. With a rejuvenated squad, expect Saint-Maximin to shine as he continues to prove that a rating of 79 would be too low in FIFA 23.

Florian Wirtz

Florian Wirtz FIFA 22 rating

Before succumbing to a cruciate ligament injury that ended his season in March 2022, Florian Wirtz looked like one of the best players in the Bundesliga. Granted the midfielder is only 19 years old and a rating of 78 is quite impressive, but given his impact at Leverkusen, Wirtz is worthy of a FIFA 23 upgrade.

Wirtz accumulated 17 direct goal contributions in 24 Bundesliga games for Leverkusen. If his development continues on this trajectory, expect Wirtz to validate an improved FIFA 23 rating.

For more FIFA, check out our guides on how to score penalties and free kicks in FIFA 23.

Image Credits: EA Sports

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Verdansk back in Warzone Season 5? Be careful what you wish for

Warzone players are desperate for Verdansk to return before Warzone 2 arrives, but players should be careful what they wish for.



Verdansk Downtown with Nakatomi Plaza

Warzone players and content creators alike have been calling for Verdansk to return in Season 5 so they can play it one last time before Warzone 2. However, there are some things to consider before demanding Verdansk’s return.

The idea of Verdansk brings back fond memories for many Warzone players. Having a ton of friends online, dropping into this sprawling landscape, and fighting to be the last team standing is how many spent 2020.

However, fatigue eventually set in, and players were desperate for a new map. Caldera finally arrived in December 2021, but many were disappointed with the new offering and called for Verdansk to return.

Warzone 2.0 arrives later in 2022, and social media has been flooded with players demanding Verdansk’s return in Season 5 as a final send-off before Warzone 2 arrives.

Regardless of your thoughts on Caldera, there are some things to consider before demanding that Raven Software bring back the OG map.

Take off the rose-tinted glasses

There’s no denying that Verdansk is a huge reason for Warzone’s success, and almost every player has fond memories of dropping Superstore while stuck inside. While Caldera isn’t everything that players wanted, it fixed a ton of Verdansk’s issues.

On top of its muted color palette that players often complained about, stairways, tall buildings, and wide-open spaces with little-to-no cover infested Verdansk. Downtown had a team on the roof of almost every building, making the area a deathtrap for anyone passing through.

Caldera, on the other hand, has fewer opportunities for players to camp inside buildings. There are no skyscrapers with 30-odd floors to climb, nor are there buildings like the ATC with only an elevator to reach the top.

This wasn’t as much of an issue when Modern Warfare weapons were the meta, but Vanguard guns are a different story. Long-range beamers like the NZ-41 would be a nightmare on Verdansk, as players could effortlessly beam enemies across the map. This would force players inside, and a ton of fights would be a stalemate as rooftop campers would have every option covered.

Verdansk Airport ATC tower

Redeploy Balloons could be the saving grace here though. Players could fly across the map to avoid rooftop campers raining hell from above, and if the balloons could fling players high enough to reach the top of the skyscrapers, then this might help to alleviate the camping problem.

Think of the bugs

Warzone’s developers have already admitted that the game is “bloated,” which makes it difficult for them to find bugs and patch them quickly. While Fortune’s Keep had a relatively smooth launch, there’s no guarantee that Verdansk would return without issue.

Considering that there’s rumored to be no Season 6, this would only give the developers one season to fix any problems. And if it does take a season to get Verdansk to a place where players are happy, then they’ll most likely have moved onto Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 by the time it arrives.

Nobody wants the last few weeks of Warzone to be frustrating due to a ton of bugs and under-the-map glitches, and replacing Caldera with Verdansk could open up a Pandora’s Box-worth of issues.

Your hard drive would suffer

Warzone’s Creative Lead Josh Bridges explained that they want to add map rotation between Verdansk and Caldera, but “there’s a technical problem.”

“The install and reinstall sizes are f***ing crazy. It’s insane,” Bridges explained. “If we pulled out Caldera and said, ‘okay, we’re gonna drop in Verdansk,’ this could be essentially like redownloading the size of Warzone.”

They explained that every time they dropped a large update, they actually lost players. He explained that players would be like “I don’t wanna redownload this — uninstall.”

Of course, many players have said that loads of their friends who had quit would return for Verdansk. However, many players would see a 100 GB update and avoid it entirely.

While some might not mind a “f***ing crazy” download, this would be a serious issue for players with limited hard drive space.

It’s entirely possible that players want to recapture the feeling of playing Verdansk, rather than Verdansk itself. While I’m sure plenty of OG players will be delighted to see the map return, if you’re one of the players hounding Raven Software to bring the original map back, it’s worth having a think about what this could mean for the game.

You shouldn’t have to wait long before there’s a new map to play in any case, as Warzone 2’s leaked map is set to feature plenty of POIs from the original Modern Warfare 2.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone’s new Vargo-S could finally dethrone NZ-41 as meta AR in Season 4 Reloaded

The Vargo-S Assault Rifle arrives with Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded, and here’s why it’s set to replace the NZ-41 as the meta pick.



Vargo-S Assault Rifle in Warzone

Warzone’s Vargo-S Assault Rifle arrives with the Season 4 Reloaded update, and it’s set to be a powerful choice. So powerful that it may finally dethrone the NZ-41 as the meta weapon.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded arrives on July 27, bringing the Rebirth of the Dead game mode, Terminators, and the brand-new Vargo-S Assault Rifle.

New Warzone weapons almost always become the meta when they first arrive, and everything about the Vargo-S points towards this happening once again. Here’s why Season 4 Reloaded’s Vargo-S could finally dethrone the NZ-41 as the meta Assault Rifle.

Vargo-S Assault Rifle in Warzone and Vanguard

Vargo-S has every ingredient to be Warzone meta

The way CoD’s devs have described Warzone’s Vargo-S means it has everything it needs to become the meta choice in Season 4 Reloaded. The Vargo-S is described as “trading firepower for improved accuracy and fire rate,” where it “excels in medium and long-range engagements.”

Almost every meta Assault Rifle in Warzone’s history has a fast fire and extremely low recoil, making a quick TTK extremely easy to achieve. Combining this extremely low recoil with the meta SVT-40 3-6x optic makes Vanguard Assault Rifles particularly devastating, meaning the Vargo-S should be top of the pack.

A Vanguard Vargo-52 sounds unstoppable in Warzone

Also, the Vargo-S is an early prototype of Cold War’s powerful Vargo 52. Even in Warzone’s Vanguard Assault Rifle meta, the Vargo 52 is a solid choice.

Taking Cold War’s Vargo and applying Vanguard’s 6x Scope and ten attachment slots sounds like an unstoppable combination.

Vargo 52 in Warzone

The NZ-41 should get nerfed in Season 4 Reloaded

Of course, the NZ-41 would probably need to be nerfed for the Vargo-S to become the Warzone meta, and it has more than outstayed its welcome.

Raven Software have dropped three individual nerfs for the NZ-41, and it’s still the most popular weapon in the game by far. If the NZ-41 gets nerfed again in the Season 4 Reloaded update, then it should be the final nail in the coffin.

The Vargo-S Assault Rifle has every ingredient to be the meta pick, we’ll just need to wait until Season 4 Reloaded to try it out ourselves and see.

For more on Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded, be sure to check out how the new Portable Redeploy Balloon will work.

Image Credit: Activision

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