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Treyarch map design has arguably proven to be the best among the CoD developers over the years and many of these maps deserve to see the light of day again.

From World at War to Black Ops 4, Treyarch has always seemed to have the ability to create at least three to four maps that struck home-runs. Maps with that “special something” which allow them to ascend into the halls of greatness.

It is not just one feature or a single design idea, but rather the prowess with which the maps were conceived. They fundamentally worked well, looked good, and were fun to play.

Treyarch has already added some classic multiplayer maps to Black Ops 4 and have hinted at intentions to continue the trend. So let’s take a look at what we would like to see reenter the multiplayer map pool.

Raid – Black Ops 2

Raid is a classic three lane with asymmetrical design. One side of the map features a pool and a basketball court. The other features the instantly recognizable ring of Raid with its cement blocks and central monument. The featured a steady Hardpoiont rotation, well placed Domination flags, and excellent Capture-the-Flag gameplay. The map is already featured in Blackout.

Standoff – Black Ops 2

Standoff also features a three-lane map design, a trend you will quickly notice produces great experiences, but slims down the side lanes significantly. The central lane features a house, street, and multiple cares for cover. The central lane also makes a 90 degree turn into the spawns which provides safe spawn areas for both teams.  

Infection – Black Ops 3

Infection is a Black Ops 3 map that could work in Black Ops 4 without much change needed. Unlike some of Black Ops 3 maps, Infection can be traversed completely on-foot (excluded the outer rock jump). The map features the typical three lanes setup with crossing lanes in the middle of the map. The map’s lines of sight are generally medium to long range, allowing for LMGs, ARs, and snipers to dominate.

Breach – Black Ops 3

Breach was an instant classic in Black Ops 3. The sniper firefights from building to building in the central part of the map were a mainstay. Again, the map split into three lanes and features a lot of open areas which had to be traversed with the booster pack/wall-running. These areas would have to be filled in with ground for Black Ops 4, but the gameplay stay similar nonetheless.

Redwood – Black Ops 3

Redwood is an iconic Black Ops 3 map that you either loved or you hated. A new rendition of the map could eliminate some of the annoyances of the original. Due to the booster packs in Black Ops 3, the player could swing and tree-run from tree-to-tree causing absolute chaos throughout the map. In Black Ops 4, the map could remain exactly the same and the original’s problems would give way to a beautiful three-lane forest map.

Express – Black Ops 2

Express is a bit of an odd ball on this list. As stated earlier, three-lanes maps lend themselves to become classic due to balanced gameplay. Express, however, is an exception to the rule. The map essentially features one wide lane with trains, tracks, and central crossing corridors and another lane inside the train terminal. The map works due to the train which cuts the wide lane into two distinct paths. The map also featured a dynamic train which travelled on the empty track periodically.  

Hanoi – Black Ops 1

Hanoi was a unique nighttime map with asymmetrical design. The map took place in a Cuban military outpost and features intersecting buildings and markets. The best way to describe the map without playing it is to imagine “controlled chaos.” Many maps can fail at trying to achieve this, but Hanoi executed on it perfectly.  

Launch – Black Ops 1

Launch featured a unique design with the center of map being significantly raised above either spawn side. This meant player’s from both teams would be require to either risk being burned by the rocket (dynamic map element) or ascend towards the middle of the map.

So, did your favorite Black Ops map make our list? Tell us on Twitter at @CharlieIntel.

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