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Opinion: These Maps Should Be Added to Blackout in Black Ops 4



From World at War to Black Ops 4 – and all the DLC’s in between – here are the maps that I want to see in Blackout.

Since the launch of Blackout, Treyarch has expressed interest in making changes to the existing map. They demonstrated their ability to do so at the start of Operation Absolute Zero in December with the addition of Hijacked in the north west, and some new foliage.

This had me thinking. What other maps from Treyarch’s past would work in this battle royale mode? As it stands, there are some remaining portions of the map that are quite baron and a little uninspired. With six Call of Duty titles worth of content to pull from, I started to envision what a “fuller” map would look like.

Of course, adding ALL of my suggestions would make the map a little too crowded and chaotic (empty spaces still have a place in a battle royale after all), but I think adding at least a couple of these maps would bring tons of life and variety to the Blackout experience.

Working chronologically, I’m starting with World at War. While Treyarch’s first original Call of Duty game was Call of Duty 3, I’m picking maps from the Black Ops canon that originated with Reznov back in 2008.

Makin Day released as part of free patch for World at War

Makin Day: The original Makin was such a popular map, they released a daytime version of it completely free. Being a coastal map, parts of Makin could be placed on the beach by Construction Site and Hijacked. Right now, the only thing on that beach is a bunch of bathrooms and lifeguard huts, all with really weak loot.

Adding the Japanese temples and foliage from Makin Day would make the beach a more desirable location to drop. An alternate location for this map would be east of Train Station at the tip of the small island in the river.

Cliffside was later remade for Black Ops 1 DLC 3 and called Hazard

Cliffside: Continuing the theme of waterside World at War maps, Cliffside would work very well at the north west of the map far north of Construction Site. The way I could see it working is by replacing the ground level beach with this high altitude cliff. This could create some tension when running into firefights this high up.

A flight or fight moment – do you defend your position and push or jump off the cliff and redeploy your wingsuit to safety?

The forefather of Zombies. Nacht has appeared in WaW, BO1, BO2 (Tranzit), and BO3.

Nacht Der Untoten: The Zombie map that started it all, and has been through it all. Featured in every Treyarch Call of Duty in some capacity, Nacht has yet to make an appearance in BO4. Blackout would be a great fit for this two story building because of its compact size and geometric layout. It already resembles some of the more basic houses on the map, so throwing it somewhere north of Firing Range and south of Estates would work really well.

This would also give a more balanced split of Zombies locations on the map, as the north west quadrant of the map doesn’t have much undead.

Jungle was added to BO3 through the Back in Black pack and part of BO4’s base game

Jungle: This map already found its way into Black Ops 4 through multiplayer, but I think it’s time we see it in Blackout.

Because Jungle consists of a sandy-grassy environment, it would fit perfectly in the south of the map between Lighthouse and Factory around the transition from green fields to desert wasteland.

Featured heavily in Black Ops 1’s campaign, Kowloon would be a fun and fresh addition to Blackout

Kowloon: DLC maps like Hyrdo have already shown up in Blackout, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this Black Ops 1 DLC map make an appearance. Although the main draw of Kowloon is it’s dense city rooftops, a smaller version of the map could show up south of Turbine to flesh out that area.

As long as they bring the Zipline with it, this will surely be a fun area to play quads in.

Close quarters combat in a cheesy 50’s sci-fi Drive-In? Yes, please!

Drive-In: No, I’m not taking shots at Risky Reels from Fortnite, Drive-In is just one wildly overlooked map. One of Black Ops 1 later DLC maps, this close quarters map evokes Nuketown in it’s size and would sit nicely alongside it on Nuketown Island.

While I think it’s cool Nuketown now has it’s own island, it wouldn’t hurt to spice it up a little bit with some movie theater action.

Featured in Black Ops 2′ Revolution DLC, Mirage BELONGS in Blackout

Mirage: If the rest of these suggestions fall on deaf ears, I hope this one is heard. The south east portion of the Blackout map is empty. Period. Mirage is a luxury resort in the Gobi Desert and fits PERFECTLY in this empty area. Both in design and layout, Mirage could be a sweet spot for loot and even incorporate elements from other Treyarch desert maps.

Take out all the windmills, they’re not doing much anyways.

If Construction Site ever becomes an actual building, here’s hoping it looks like Vertigo.

Vertigo: Now this actually comes from an idea I saw a while ago on Reddit. What if the Construction Site was slowly building something over time? How cool would it be if eventually it turned into Vertigo from BO2’s DLC.

This futuristic industrial building would serve as a pristine version of the incomplete building we play on today.

Boats could play a more crucial role in Blackout with more areas like Takeoff.

Takeoff: Don’t worry if this map has you scratching your head. As a BO2 DLC map that was a remake of a BO1 DLC map, I wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot this one. However, as a mid-sized map this launch site would be a great addition to any empty body of water in Blackout.

It could fit in the far north east of Hydro Dam, giving players a reason to head back there, or even south of Hijacked to give players more naval battles in Blackout.

While any new locations would be a welcome change to Blackout, I think these maps shine brighter than the others. But this is just my opinion, let me know which maps you would like to see make their return through Blackout in the comments below!

Call of Duty

CoD devs reportedly working on “open world RPG” with Infinity Ward job listing

A job listing from Infinity Ward Poland hints at the Call of Duty developers working on a new open-world RPG.



Warzone operator free falling

A new job listing from the Call of Duty developers suggests that Infinity Ward’s Poland office is working on a brand-new open-world role-playing game (RPG).

Open-world video games are extremely popular because of the opportunities they provide to players for exploration of large and detailed maps, with titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 being extremely successful.

Now, a new job listing from Infinity Ward Poland appeared for a short while, suggesting that the Call of Duty developers are currently developing a brand-new role-playing game (RPG) with an open-world structure.

warzone players fighting in season 3 gulag

In a now-deleted job listing on the Infinity Ward careers page, Activision were looking for someone with experience making “non-linear narratives in open-world games” to work on a “narrative and cinematic experience in an open-world RPG.”

While the developers didn’t reveal what his project is about, the Narrative Director position in the post placed an emphasis on “story, characters, lore, and world-building” for the game that’s in development.

At the time of writing, it’s unconfirmed what exactly this “unannounced AAA project” is called, and one possibility is that it might be a new Call of Duty title as Infinity Ward have never released a game outside of that series.

It’s also possible that this open-world RPG might be an entirely new IP that has no connection to the Call of Duty franchise. We will probably learn more details as the game’s development progresses.

As exciting as this sounds, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is all just speculation based on the now-deleted job listing, and we’ll need to manage our expectations until Infinity Ward officially announce the game.

For more on Call of Duty, check out everything we know about Warzone Pacific Season 4 as well as our hub on Warzone 2.

Image credits: Activision

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Biggest AAA video games coming in 2022: PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, PC, Stadia & Steam

2022 is a huge year for video games and here’s all the biggest titles coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and more – with release dates.



biggest games in 2022

2022 continues to be a massive year for video games. Between franchises such as God of War, Pokemon, and Harry Potter, the PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, PC, and Stadia have some mammoth titles to host. Here’s a look into the biggest games and potential release dates.

The start of 2022 signaled over a year since the PS5, and Xbox Series X took video games to the ninth generation of consoles. Developers have had plenty of time to chew the fat and harness the power of the consoles to create immense AAA experiences.

There’s also plenty of mileage left for the Nintendo Switch, and of course, PC, Stadia, and Steam are always pushing the envelope.

With 2022 already delivering Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Rainbow Six Extraction, and Gran Turismo 7, the remainder of the year is also looking to bring the heat. Here’s a look at the top AAA video games coming in 2022.

PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC, Steam & Stadia video games in 2022

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release date: October 28

ghost in call of duty modern warfare 2

For the first in almost 20 years, the Call of Duty franchise will be breaking its annual release schedule in 2023. This means that players will be stuck with CoD’s 2022 title, Modern Warfare 2 for two years.

The 2022 iteration of the iconic franchise is set to be a direct sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare. The game will be built on a brand-new engine, and the development of the game is being led by Infinity Ward. The Call of Duty team announced that Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 28, 2022.

Gotham Knights release date: October 25, 2022

main characters walking in gotham knights

A Gotham City without the caped crusader is a strange thought, but that’s the threat that faces it as Bruce Wayne is dead. In Batman’s place, his former proteges need to step up and protect Gotham, batting away any threats of crime perpetrated by some of its most evil supervillains.

Featuring co-operative mode, players can take control of these plucky heroes and hopefully do Batman proud when the game releases on October 25, 2022.

Hogwarts Legacy release date: Holiday 2022

a young wizard using a wand in harry potter hogwarts legacy

There have been many Harry Potter movie tie-in games, but there still hasn’t been an authentic RPG experience that lets you become your own wizard – until now.

Hogwarts Legacy will let fans worldwide finally live out their dream of attending Hogwarts, and the game allows players to select their House, the classes they do, and customize their character, all the while fighting monsters and completing quests.

God of War: Ragnarok release date: 2022

kratos and tyr staring at each other in god of war ragnarok

Players got a juicy look at the next epic adventure in Santa Monica’s God of War franchise during the 2021 PlayStation Experience. Kratos and Atreus are set to battle with Freya, possibly Thor, and their own demons.

God of War Ragnarok looks like it’s expanded upon the reboot to incorporate more NPCs, more spectacular gameplay, and a gripping narrative that will test the bond between father and son.

Final Fantasy XVI release date: late 2022

Final Fantasy XVI protagonist

The hype surrounding Final Fantasy XVI is beginning to mount as we get deeper into 2022. It’s the collaboration between Square Enix and the combat designer of Devil May Cry 5, Ryota Suzuki that has fans of the franchise excited.

The developers have confirmed that they would release additional information about the sixteenth game in the mainline Final Fantasy franchise around Summer 2022. Hopefully, this will include a release date giving RPG fanatics something to look forward to.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet release date: November 18

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter town

2022 is a great year to be a Pokemon fan. Shortly after the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Nintendo wasted no time announcing their newest mainline titles. Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet will introduce players to the ninth generation of Pokemon games.

Nintendo has already shared details about the game including the implementation of open-world areas as well as the three starter Pokémon: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. On June 1, a trailer confirmed November 18 as the official release date for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 release date: delayed to 2023

link running in breath of the wild 2

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 could easily be one of the most anticipated games of all time.

Breath of the Wild took the world by storm in 2017 with its rich, expressive world that deviated from the conventions of traditional Zelda games. Many millions of copies sold later, and fans everywhere are desperate for the next chapter for Link in this gorgeous, sprawling version of Hyrule.

Unfortunately on March 29, 2022, Nintendo announced that Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 would be pushed back to a 2023 release date.

That completes our guide to the biggest and most anticipated video games that are due to arrive in 2022. For all the latest news and guides on these games and more, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL!

Image Credit: Avalanche Software / WB Games Montreal / Nintendo / Game Freak / Square Enix / Santa Monica Studios / Ubisoft / Activision

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CoD Points price: How to buy, spend & do they carry over

CoD Points are the official currency of Call of Duty. Check out CoD Point prices, where to buy them, and whether they transfer between games.



Cod points Vanguard warzone

Activision’s in-game currency lets players purchase cosmetics for their characters, and we’ve got everything you need to know about CoD Points prices, how to buy them, and all the items you can spend them on.

Call of Duty offers a huge palette of extra goodies you can add to your game, requiring players to spend their own currency named CoD Points to acquire them.

CoD Points can be purchased using the menu systems in games like Vanguard or Warzone or through console marketplaces like the PS Store or Xbox Marketplace.

The gaming landscape has changed over the years with the incorporation of microtransactions and live-gaming services. Many games offer extra content – with cosmetics being a big proponent of this. With Vanguard and Warzone offering special Attack on Titan and Snoop Dogg skins as well as unique weapon Blueprints for popular weapons, it becomes easy to see why players would want to spend CoD Points.

CoD points stacked up

CoD Points prices

There are different amounts and bundles you can opt for when buying CoD Points that are tailored to different needs.

Some players just need to top up their account with a few hundred points to get the latest bundle. Whereas others need a big restock with the intention of spending many points. The more points you want, the bigger the discounts grow.

Here are the different prices for the various CoD Points bundles:

  • 200 CoD Points: $1.99 / £1.79
  • 500 CoD Points: $4.99 / £4.31
  • 1,000 (+100 Bonus) CoD Points: $9.99 / £8.49
  • 2,000 (+400 Bonus) CoD Points: $19.99 / £16.79
  • 4,000 (+1,000 Bonus) CoD Points: $39.99 / £34.99
  • 7,000 (+2,500 Bonus) CoD Points: $74.99 / £69.99
  • 10,000 (+3,000 Bonus) CoD Points: $99.99 / £84.99
  • 15,000 (+6,000 Bonus) CoD Points: $149.99 / £123.99
cod points coins

How to buy COD Points

You can be very flexible with how you buy COD Points as there are a few different ways to do so. To make sure you’re buying them for the right platform, just double-check with our guide on transferring COD Points across platforms.

There are four ways you can buy COD Points:

  • PC players can purchase CoD Points on the website
  • PS4 & PS5 players can purchase CoD Points in the PS Store on their console, or on the PlayStation website
  • Xbox Series X, Series S, or One players can buy CoD Points on the Xbox Marketplace on their console, or the official Microsoft Store website
  • Select physical retailer’s stock vouchers and gift cards with a code that players can redeem for CoD Points.

Where to spend CoD Points

Spending your CoD Points is incredibly easy, with players able to purchase cosmetic bundles and Blueprints in the in-game store.

The stores are available in Vanguard, Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare, so you can kit out your Operator regardless of your preferred title.

Snoop Dogg bundle

Do CoD Points carry over across games?

The good news is that your CoD Points will transfer across your Call of Duty games, as they are linked to your Activision account.

Players who will still have CoD Points in their account from Vanguard don’t need to worry, as they will automatically be in your account when Modern Warfare 2 releases.

What can I buy with COD Points?

Call of Duty’s currency is used to primarily buy two things: the Battle Pass for the current season and Bundles containing a variety of items.

Battle Pass

Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass

A Battle Pass is a paid Tier system that allows regular players to earn dozens of extra rewards and cosmetics for essentially playing the game.

Vanguard and Warzone Pacific are approaching Season 3 at the moment. Both titles are currently running in tandem with each other and share the same Battle Pass.

It features 100 Tiers for players to smash their way through the course of a season, and if players are committed enough, they can actually earn enough CoD Points, through leveling up the pass, to get the next one for free.

You’ll be able to buy the Vanguard & Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass via a couple of different methods on April 27, 2022:


Attack on Titan bundle CoD

The other main content you can buy is a wide range of Bundles and Operator Bundles. These special bundles vary in price, and each comes with its own unique items.

The collectibles you can expect to find are Calling Cards, Emblems, Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Weapon Charms, and more.

Also, check out how Vanguard is officially getting a round-based Zombies map after Season 3 or how Warzone players are begging for Godzilla & King Kong Operator skins.

Image credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games / Raven Software

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