Earlier this morning we posted lots of new Black Ops 2 MP details! We asked the fans on twitter if they had any questions, and we have been answering like crazy! But here is a list of the most popular questions and answers:


Q: Any new info on ELITE for Black Ops 2?
A: We didn’t get any info on ELITE. News coming soon though.

Q: Any information on Camos?
A: Camos can now be applied to Primary, Pistols, Equipment, and Assault Shields. There were about 10-11 camos available. Carbon Fiber and Gold are the hardest to achieve.


Q: Will previous games prestige give prestige tokens in Black Ops 2 MP?
A: They have not confirmed or denied this. Unlikely but still unknown.

Q: How is the hit detection?
A: Similar to Black Ops 1.


Q: Do weapon camo take 1 of your 10 points?
A: NO. Camos do NOT take a point away.

Q: Any pictures of the prestige emblems?
A: We cannot show what they look like, sorry. They look EPIC though.


Q: Are custom reticles returning?
A: Yes. Some funny ones too! (Mustache)

Q: Are the original 4 zombies characters returning?
A: Yes, but not playable in TranZit. However they will be present in “some form”.


Q: How was the lag issues?
A: We cannot answer that because we played in LAN matches.

Q: Where can we play Party Games?
A: Party Games are available only in Private matches.

Q: What is your favorite part about Black Ops 2 Multiplayer?
A: Pick-10 system. By far the best addition.

Q: Are MOABs or game ending nukes returning?
A: Hell no.

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