charlieINTEL’s Gameplan & Thank you to the fans

Just because Modern Warfare 3 is here, it doesnt mean we're closing down shop. We're still commited to bringing you all the official and...

ELITE Dashboard is now up on Xbox Live

This FREE Xbox Live download is finally available and is 99mb in size with one small update after you launch it. This might keep...

Official MW3 Live Action Trailer “The Vet & The n00b”

-SOURCE: Official Call of Duty Channel Via @RK1EliteKnight

William Fichtner is Modern Warfare 3’s “Sandman”

The voice of "Sandman" in the soon to be best selling game of all time is none other than William Fichtner (and not Christopher Meloni...

Playing MW3 prior to Nov. 8th might get you banned -UPDATE

Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement Stephen Toulouse originally said on Twitter yesterday that those who obtained a legitimate copy of the game...

Charlie has finally received his INTEL ;) -UPDATE

-UPDATE: We have been contacted by Acitvision and they requested no leaks or details until Nov 8th. Sorry..

Official “Teaser” for new Live Action Trailer Nov 6th UPDATE

Teaser #3Teaser #2Teaser #1

K-Mart shipments of MW3 say to sell immediately

Modern Warfare 3 is everywhere now. It's on YouTube, livestreams, eBay, Craigslist, friends playlist.. and this is why:Kotaku has confirmed that shipments of Call...

Every single Assault Riffle in GOLD CAMO

-SOURCE: @Ridolfim