K-Mart shipments of MW3 say to sell immediately

Modern Warfare 3 is everywhere now. It's on YouTube, livestreams, eBay, Craigslist, friends playlist.. and this is why:Kotaku has confirmed that shipments of Call...

Every single Assault Riffle in GOLD CAMO

-SOURCE: @Ridolfim

MW3 “Callsign” now displays your old Call of Duty Ranks

-SOURCE: Livestream from some asshole that has it early ;P

25 New Screeshots from MW3’s Multiplayer

We'll be posting more tomorrow!

MW3’s Xbox Live Servers are now online

 If you stole, lied, borrowed, or just walked into a store and bought Modern Warfare 3, you are now able to play online.. I...

X-Play and FourZeroTwo talk “Weapons & Perks”

PC Games - E3 2012 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 *Not iPhone friendly

New Official Hi-Res MW3 Screenshot

*Click on image for hi-res -SOURCE: MW3 Facebook Page via @Jarsh019

4 Hours of MW3 Gameplay & Screenshots from IGN’s Livestream

0:07:31 -Livestream starts 0:07:44 -"Mind The Gap" Campaign mission (14min) 0:21:52 -Multiplayer (1hr 20min) 1:41:39 -Spec Ops Survival (56min) 2:37:37 -Multiplayer (1hr 23min) Confirmed & Observed: *Work in Progress -First...

MW3 PRESTIGE EMBLEMS leaked via Xbox Live GamerPics

*Click on image for Hi-Res -UPDATE: Hi-Res images addedThis is real in our opinion, simply because it was shown with other Xbox 360 Gamer Pics...