PrestigeIsKey’s Multiplayer Trailer & XP2011 Breakdown

 Awesome video breakdown by Call of Duty VIP, Ryan Banks, AKA PrestigeIsKey -SOURCE: @PrestigeIsKey

Over 250 SCREENSHOTS from MW3 Multiplayer now online

Thats right, OVER 250 Screenshots from Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer are now online with 100's more to come over the next couple of weeks....

NEW Modern Warfare 3 WEAPON LIST page is now online

  ** NEW WEAPON LIST PAGE ** Shotguns, Pistols, Equipment, Etc. coming soon! **  

Extensive 11 Minute Interview with FourZeroTwo at XP2011

 -SOURCE: Machinima Channel

Sledgehammer Games on Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Progression

 Spec-Ops may have already been in Modern Warfare 2 but now they've kicked it up a notch. It now includes a wave-based Survival mode...

Activision wins dispute

A few months ago, the website made the headlines when it began forwarding all traffic to the official website of Battlefield 3. It...

Sledgehammer Games was working on a Call of Duty: Third-Person Horror Game

Sledgehammer Games CEO Glen Schofield revealed that his company had been working on a third-person Call of Duty game with a tone similar to...

Activision says over 500 developers working on the Call of Duty Franchise

Activision said that it has more than 500 developers working on Call of Duty, the best-selling video game series of all time, which generates...

Here’s what you get for Elite’s $49.99 membership ( or FREE with Hardened Edition)

READ the Entire LIST-SOURCE: Call of Duty ELITE

Our Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Observations from XP2011

 Multiplayer: -Felt like I was playing Call of Duty 4:MW with MW2's graphics and U.I. -Graphics and Menus appear identical to MW2 with the exception of...