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Before I begin, we’re not gonna go in detail to explain every feature of the multiplayer experience. If you’re on this blog, then chances are you’ve received all the intel we’ve gathered since May when the game was announced. What we will do is give you our opinions and impressions of the final product.

Activision was nice enough to send us a review copy last week so we can see how far the game has come since we last played it at Treyarch. The thing is, the game was already perfect when we last played it. Make no mistake, this is NOT Black Ops 1.5 or an expansion. Graphics, user interface, gameplay has been taken to another level. Here’s are top 3 innovations for Black Ops 2…


“PICK 10” Create-a-Class

Treyarch has some guts. They took what everyone was use to and changed it up, not because they had to but because it works. No longer are you forced to pick a pistol or equipment you never use. Now you can go into battle like real life Operators with gear that you’re comfortable with and that you’ll actually use. We’ve also been dreaming of the day for when it would be possible to put 3 attachments on a weapon, that day has finally come.


Another risk Treyarch took was with the all new ‘Wildcards’ which is a brand new element introduced into Create-A-Class. Equipping a Wildcard will use up one of your ten available slots, which bend the rules to allow you to use multiple attachments, weapons, and even perks. All in all, Pick-10 lets you play the way you want.

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People take it for granted but “presentation” can make a huge difference. New menus, layouts, and new characters along with a 2025 setting are all it takes to erase any feeling you might have that you’re playing Black Ops 1.5. From the moment you see the Treyarch logo to the futuristic feel of the Main menu and lobbies, it feels like you’re playing a true sequel to Black Ops. One of the main issues we had with MW3 was that in many ways it felt like Modern Warfare 2.5 with new guns and maps. That is not the case here, the love and detail Treyarch put in this game is evident.


It’s safe to say the majority of people are getting Black Ops 2 for it’s multiplayer component, but when you start up the game you discover that you’ve actually bought 3 games in 1. The amount of work they put into Singleplayer, Multiplayer, and Zombies is mind blowing. Coming from Corporate direction, it’s amazing they didn’t sell each mode on 3 disc with 3 different prices. Take it from us, you’re getting your money’s worth…

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It’s time for me to go on the record. I may love Call of Duty but it doesn’t mean that Im the best player. In fact Im average at best. So imagine my surprise when I was getting multiple scorestreaks in a match by racking up scores points for capturing objective and shooting down UAVs. Call of Duty finally rewards you for playing. The more you play to help your team and participate the better you will succeed.

By now you should know that Killstreaks (along with MW3’s Assault, Support, and Specialist) are long gone. You now have 22 Scorestreaks at your disposal, all of which are probably the best ever in a Call of Duty game. Old favorites are back along with some new ones straight from 2025. Hunter Killer, Dragonfire, and Swarm will keep you running for cover. Thew new futuristic take on the vehicles features blend perfectly into the 2025 combat setting. Kind of makes you wonder if our kids will be taking that into battle one day to protect our country…

We’re haven’t had a chance to experience Leagues or COD Casting since our review was based on pre-launch gameplay so we’ll have to save that for another day.

(5 out of 5)

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