A user, @syncohboyy, has sent us an image from the PC version of Ghosts that lists ‘dlcweap’ in multiple lines of the code.

Lots of fans want Call of Duty developers to have weapon DLC. The first time we’ve gotten weapon DLC was the Revolution map pack for Black Ops 2, which included a new SMG. For MW3, Mark Rubin said that there wasn’t enough space left on the game files to bring weapon DLC, but it’s something they would consider for the future.

It’s possible that IW has found a solution to implement weapon DLC into Ghosts, but all the new tech they’ve added has taken up a lot of space. The resources used on current-gen made Ground War not possible, but maybe IW has space allocated separately for possible weapon DLC.

We don’t have any information regarding DLC for Ghosts, other than possible map names that were leaked a couple days ago. DLC is expected to arrive in 2014.

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