So a LOT of fans seem to think that this very blurry image is the box art for the next Call of Duty. Nevermind the image first surfaced on April 1st, a lot of people have been blowing up our feeds asking if this is real.

 A Reddit user, u/Tinnothy, has shared an image a few days ago, where he claims he took a picture inside of Activision’s HQ itself, of what appears to be the box art for Call of Duty: WWII.

Users on Twitter have shared a comparison between the blurry image and a previously revealed artwork:

The image is very blurry and way to hard to tell, you can kind of see the “WWII” logo, which matches the colors of the originally shared artwork a week ago. 

Today, this new image seems to be going viral. In our opinion, this new image is a fake or mockup of the supposed real leak, or possibly the one used in the staged original photo. 

We’re still not sure however we feel this Twitter user explained it best…

Again, Activision has not confirmed any of this as of now. Stay tuned for the latest news, im sure well be finding out real soon..

SOURCE: r/GamingLeaksandRumors

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