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This weekend we were lucky enough to be attend the Black Ops 2 LIVE event in London to celebrate the launch of Black Ops 2. As we all know Black Ops 2 is right around the corner and the excitement within everyone is building. This weekend they gave players the chance to go to London and take part in Black Ops 2 LIVE which consisted of players getting the chance to play Nuketown 2025 for the first time ever, play Zombies for the first time ever, and socialize with Call of Duty fans from so many different backgrounds and of course to celebrate the upcoming release.

The venue was fully redesigned to a Black Ops 2 theme with Black and Orange throughout. Giants Black Ops 2 posters on the walls, art work throughout and other little bits and pieces such as the custom signs on the toilets (which were excellent). Within the venue there were 3 stations to play Black Ops 2 on, 2 regular stations and one awesome looking “War Table” (similar to the one at Eurogamer this year). The War Table grabbed to most attention for obvious reasons but either way the stations were always full. With the War Table came the CODcasters, who casted a select few games for the audiences spectating the War Table games.

Nuketown 2025 in one word would be “Sensational”! The map is crazy although it’s completely the same layout as the original Nuketown with the slightly different shapes within the building such as their height and the roundness of the vehicles within the map it took some getting used to. By playing numerous games on Nuketown 2025 you can tell just how crazy and fast paced this map is going to be, no one could sit back and wait it was all just run and gun which seems to go down very well with the fans. It seems to have been a massive hit with the community and we look forward to seeing more reactions once the game is released!

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