Earlier in 2017, Activision launched a new stat tracking feature for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 called My Call of Duty. My Call of Duty allows players with a Call of Duty account to check out their basic MP stats, including games played, KDR, and more.

Today, it appears Activision has activated a new feature on My Call of Duty for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: the ability to open supply drops online. When accessing your My Call of Duty profile, there’s a new Quartermaster tab under Infinite Warfare. There, you can see how many keys, salvage, and Call of Duty Points you currently have. If you have enough Keys/CP to get a drop, you can unlock Common or a Rare Supply Drop and the gear will show up in game in Infinite Warfare.

Activision Support has posted a short FAQ about this new feature:

  • You can only use the amount of Keys / CP you have on your account at a certain time online. You cannot purchase Call of Duty Points to use online; you have to purchase through the in-game /platform store.
  • If you open a drop online and don’t see the gear in-game, make sure to restart the game.
  • Any loot earned via opening a drop through My Call of Duty will not show up in the Recently Acquired tab. You will have access to the loot in the Create-a-Class, as usual.
  • There’s no different/separate gear available in My Call of Duty. It’s the same gear set, just a new way to open supply drops when you’re away from the game.

SOURCE: My Call of Duty // Activision Support

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