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A patch update which was delayed before is now live for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Patch Notes –

General Fixes:

  • Various map fixes
  • On occasion, players who have the R-VN, Axe, or UDM in a loadout would no longer have access to the weapons if a host migration occurs. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for an issue where Season Pass holders on Xbox One were not able to download Sabotage DLC from in-game
  • Fix for the Epic UDM doing too much damage in TTDM. This now matches the same damage rules as sniper rifles in TTDM.
  • Fix for some users receiving the ‘weapon_graitonsuper_wm’ error after the last update
  • Steel Dragon – Reduced sprint out to fire time
  • Fix for the Axe camo challenges not tracking progress
  • Fix for an issue where it would take 6 shots to a player with a Blast Shield with the Howitzer in Hardcore
  • Added the R-VN and UDM to regular Gun Game
  • Uplink: Fixed an issue in Overtime where the goal VFX and team score would increment even though the scoring team lost the second round of overtime
  • Taunt combo system added to the Winner’s Circle
  • Fix for the Sage Phantom head not appearing correctly when viewing in 3rd person


  • Type-2 (AR mode) – Slight increase to the fire rate and a decrease to ADS recoil
  • Type-2: Slight increase to hip fire spread when in akimbo mode
  • R-VN: Increase to the 3 bullet hit kill range
  • Volk – Increase to the 3 bullet hit kill range
  • Titan – Slightly increase to the fire rate and an increase to the 4 bullet hit kill range
  • KBAR – Slightly decrease to the 4 bullet hit kill range
  • NV4 – Slightly increase to the ADS recoil
  • Widowmaker – Reduced delay between bullets within the burst
  • DMR – Slight decrease to the ADS time
  • EBR-800 (AR mode) – Increase to the 5 bullet hit kill range
  • EBR-800 (Sniper mode) – Reduce ADS sway speed
  • Howitzer changes: Explosion radius increased. Explosion damage more consistent. Damage to scorestreaks increased. VFX updated to better represent the explosion radius. Fixed a bug where the projectile would play an explosion VFX without doing any damage. Fix a bug where the projectile could still explode after bouncing off a surface.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

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