Robert Bowling aka @fourzerotwo has answered a bunch of questions via Twitter today and also revealed a new update is coming tonight.


-New playlist update tonight at 2am PST will bring Hardcore HQ and Hardcore Free-for-All on all platforms.
*unknown if also being added to theElite Playlist
-Still looking into spawn issues (FFA is the hardest mode to fix)
-Still pushing for a LAN patch.
-Currently MW3 is not coming to PS Vita however he did reconfirm a Call of Duty game is in the works for it.
-MW3 has reached its Playlist limit so they are going to remove the ones with least player counts and add the ones players want.
-No more shotgun buffs planned at the moment.
-Not a fan of exclusives, he only works on “creative side”, not business.
-Defined “Content Collection” as: when all previous DLC drops are pulled together and released together for everyone to purchase.
[email protected] is now run by an “Anti-Cheat” team.
-Reconfirmed NO plans for dedicated servers.

SOURCE: @Fourzerotwo


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