Infinity Ward’s Animation Lead, Zack Volker, recently sat down with the Official Playstation UK magazine and answered a bunch of questions regarding Call of Duty Ghosts. A lot is what we already know however its a good recap of the info released so far.


  • Takes place in America a few years from now.
  • A lot of battles and destruction have taken place already.
  • Things dont look good for America.
  • The “Ghosts Team”, no one knows who they are or where they came from.
  • Ghosts are salvation & hope.
  • Brothers grew up in this environment, idolize the Ghosts team. Were born shortly after event.
  • Story begins were brothers meet the Ghosts team.
  • Sub-brand clarified, start of new “story-arc”. NOT in MW or Black Ops universe, its own universe.
  • No relation to Ghost in Modern Warfare.


  • Could only talk a little bit about multiplayer.
  • Every map is interactive.
  • One map has a satellite that crashes in middle of map, might get a UAV if you access it.
  • Freedom to outfit character to reflect your personality.
  • Lots of characters skins brought over from singleplayer.


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SOURCE: Official PSmag YT Channel Via @Hou5eR

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