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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every new item, move, & ability so far

This guide will break down all of the new items, moves, and abilities in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, to get you ready for battle.



Fuecoco Pokemon Scarlet Violet battle

Players looking to master Pokemon battles in Scarlet & Violet will have to fully grasp all of the new items, moves, and abilities the new titles have to offer, so here’s a guide detailing the new content so far.

A Pokemon‘s level and statistics often determine the outcome of a battle, but trainers have more than one way to prepare. With held items, abilities, and the right moves, trainers can change the tide of a Pokemon battle.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will deliver a ton of new Pokemon that players will have to get accustomed to. While the new Pokemon often draw the most attention, players can also expect new moves, abilities, and items to arrive as well.

Here’s a look at the confirmed items, abilities, and moves set to debut in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mirro Herb item Cetitan

New held items in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon in your party can each hold one item to be used in a battle. With the inclusion of held items, trainers can plan and execute complex strategies in Pokemon battles. Held items act as a hidden trick up a trainer’s sleeve, and the element of surprise in a Pokemon battle is invaluable.

Mirror Herb

Mirro Herb is a new held item that will make its debut in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. There’s no doubt that the item will be a mainstay in Ranked Battles. Mirror Herb will allow your Pokemon to mirror your opponent’s Pokemon stats increase, but only once.

Essentially, if the Pokemon you’re facing uses Swords Dance, for one time only, your Pokemon will also receive a +2 boost to their Attack stat.

Covert Cloak

Covert Cloak is yet another item that trainers should be seeing plenty of in competitive battles. A Pokemon holding Covert Cloak will be immune to the additional effects of Pokemon moves.

In other words, if an opponent’s Pokemon uses Fake Out to start a battle, your Pokemon will not automatically flinch and miss their turn.

Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice is the perfect item for Pokemon with moves that hit multiple times such as Bullet Seed. If a multistrike move is used by a Pokemon holding Loaded Dice, then the move has a greater chance of hitting more times.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet new moves

New moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also impact the flow of battles. Usually, new moves introduced in a new generation are widely used by the region’s new Pokemon. However, that’s not to say that Pokemon from previous generations will not have access to these new moves as well.

Shed Tail

Shed Tail seems to be the signature move of the new Pokemon Cyclizar. Given Cyclizar’s lizard-like appearance, Shed Tail is an appropriate choice for the Pokemon as it will allow it to create a substitute.

Shed Tail works in a similar fashion to Substitute by using its own HP to create a dummy. However, the unique quality of the move allows Cyclizar to switch out with another Pokemon in your party after creating a substitute, which could set up a devastating combo.

Bitter Blade

Bitter Blade move Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Bitter Blade seems to be the signature move of Ceruledge. It is a Fire-type physical move, which suggests Cereludge could have excellent Attack stats. The move uses the lingering regrets of the fallen to turn bitterness into an attack from Ceruledge’s swords.

This is a damaging move that also heals the user, as HP is restored by up to half the damage taken by the target.

Armor Cannon

Much like Bitter Blade, Armor Cannon looks to be the signature move of Armarouge. Armor Cannon is a Fire-type special move that uses Armarouge’s armor as a projectile.

The move is expected to be incredibly powerful, but as a drawback, it will lower Armarouge’s Defense and Sp. Defense stats.

Tera Blast

Tera Blast move Pokemon Scarlet Violet

In its base form, Tera Blast is a Normal-type move, but when it is used by a Terastallized Pokemon, it takes on the same type as the Pokemon’s Tera Type. The move can be taught by TM, and it uses the Pokemon’s highest stat to inflict damage between Attack or Sp. Attack.

Every new ability in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Anger Shell

Anger Shell Ability Pokemon Scarlet Violet

The Anger Shell ability is being introduced as Klawf’s signature ability. Anger Shell will help trainers who find themselves in a pinch. When a Pokemon’s HP drops to half or less, Anger Shell will activate. The ability will lower the Pokemon’s Defense and Sp. Def, but provide a boost to is Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed stats.

New abilities are sure to shake up how trainers tackle Pokemon battles, so we’ll update this section once new ones are revealed.

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Image Credit: The Pokemon Company / Game Freak