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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet online Battle Stadium explained: Casual & Ranked Battles

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will allow players to enjoy online competition via the Battle Stadium, so here’s what you need to know.



Pokemon Scarlet Violet Battle Stadium ranked

The Battle Stadium will allow Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players to enjoy Casual Battles and Ranked Battles with players from around the world.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet players with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership will be able to access the Battle Stadium where they can challenge players from around the world to battle.

Following the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl, online play has taken a backseat. Luckily, fans who love the battling aspect of Pokemon games will see competitive play return to the spotlight in Scarlet and Violet.

Here’s what you need to know to prepare for exciting online battles in the Paldea region using the Battle Stadium.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Battle Stadium menu

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Casual Battles

Casual Battles will allow players to engage in low-stakes contests that do not count toward any record or achievement. There are very few restrictions in this Battle Stadium mode, and players can use any Pokemon they wish.

Intense competitive play is certainly not for every Pokemon fan. Given the depth of strategy with new Scarlet and Violet Pokemon, items, and abilities, top players can truly punish the inexperienced.

Not to mention there’s no making up for the major advantage that comes with the knowledge of IVs and EVs, which casual players simply don’t possess. This makes Casual Battles perfect for new players honing their skills or anyone looking to test out new strategies.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles are perfect for players who can’t get enough of Pokemon battles. Each trainer will be given a rank, and your rank will move up and down depending on your Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battles results.

Ranked Battles are great because they allow you to test your skills against opponents of the same tier, all while allowing you to move up the ranks. This section of the Battle Stadium will have a refined ruleset that players must follow in terms of which Pokemon and items they could use.

Official Competitions​

Aside from Ranked Battles, you’ll also be able to participate in Official Competitions. These special events will have their own specific ruleset and players will attempt to finish as high in the rankings as they can.

Friendly Competitions​

This type of battle format will allow you to join a competition that is set up by other trainers. In addition, you can also set up your own competition that other players can join.

What are Rental Teams in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Rental Teams will be perfect for trainers who want to enjoy competitive play in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but simply don’t have the time to catch and train their Pokemon into top-tier battling shape.

Scarlet and Violet players will be able to input Battle Team IDs that have been shared online, to gain access to Rental Teams. This will essentially allow all players to join in on the Battle Stadium fun.

If you’re one of the adept players who enjoy crafting their own teams to perfection, then you’ll be able to share your own Battle Team with other trainers around the world.

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Image Credit: The Pokemon Company / Game Freak