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The votes are in! Here’s what you had to say.

Whether it was the first game in a series, or just your personal first, Call of Duty fans hold tons of nostalgia for the campaigns of old. Recently, I made my top five Call of Duty campaigns list and asked our readers what their favorites were.

Between the original World War 2 games, to the recent one-off titles, it was clear which games held special places in players hearts. Tallying up over 2,000 votes, CharlieINTEL readers held the Modern Warfare and Black Ops subseries in the highest regards.

Defending Washington D.C. in Modern Warfare 2

With a whopping 390+ votes at the time of writing, Modern Warfare 2 reigns number one. This came as no surprise as it was also on my list (albiet at the number four spot) and heavily rumored to be remastered making it on the top of players minds. It’s also heavily deserving of that spot as it was the Call of Duty to solidify the series’ place as gaming’s #1 first-person shooter making it many younger players first exposure to CoD.

At a close second with 330+ votes is 2010’s Black Ops. After covering World War 2 and present day conflicts, Treyarch found an in-between time era in the Vietnam War. With a unique take on the Cold War, dealing mostly with classified missions, Black Ops was a self-contained story that started and ended with not a whole lot of cliffhangers or plot-holes.

Rounding out the top five were the remaining two Modern Warfare’s and Black Ops II. With the prevalence of modern/near-future on this top five, it’s safe to say that CharlieINTEL readers definitely prefer campaigns that are more grounded and that consist of more current topics and themes.

Check out the full ranking below featuring all 14 Call of Duty campaigns:

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