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On Monday, Feb 11th, we asked you all about your favorite Black Ops 4 multiplayer weapons. Let’s take a look at what you voted on.

The poll on Monday consisted of every weapon in Black Ops 4’s multiplayer including melee weapons and DLC guns.

The 31 weapons were led by pretty obvious choices due to their power since the beginning of the game’s life cycle. The Top 3 favorite weapons for the community are the Maddox RFB, Saug 9mm, and ICR-7. All three of these weapons are widely used and considered the three best weapons in the game.

After this we had the Spitfire, a decent contender to the Saug’s crown. The SWAT showed up at fifth place as the better of the two DLC weapons.

You can see the full list of votes embedded down below (you can still vote if you choose to).

The Titan, the monstrous LMG, fell down all the way to 9th place. This is important to note as the gun is considered to be the best weapon in the game. We suspect this to be due to the weapon’s notoriety. We hope, as much as you, that the weapon is nerfed soon.

The Rampart 17 and KN-57 took 6th & 7th respectively. We thought we point this out as the weapons are less powerful than other ARs, but still managed to place quite high. The Rampart can equip double High Calibers, but still falls short of the ICR-7’s and Maddox’s power. This shows a want among the community for additional gun variance and better balance.

We’ll do a new weapon poll a week or so after the big multiplayer balance patch that has been promised by Treyarch. There is no date set for the update as of this time.

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