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The results are in!

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies, Treyarch changed the traditional perk system. Rather than have set perks for every map, players can now choose their desired four perks before the match starts.

Before Operation Grand Heist dropped on February 19, we asked you what your favorite of the 14 perks in Black Ops 4 were. After tallying the results, here’s what the CharlieINTEL community had to say.

By a narrow margin, Stamin-Up beats out Dying Wish for the number one spot indicating Zombies players appreciate the ability to run around the map as fast as possible. Rounding out the top four are Quick Revive by a wider margin and Deadshot Dealer by an even wider margin barely snagging 100 votes.

What’s interesting to note is that three of the top four perks are actually original Zombies perks. Quick Revive being one of the first perks in Zombies history, while Stamin-up and Deadshot Dealer (as Deadshot Daiquiri) were both introduced in Black Ops 1 DLC.

I often find myself jumping into games rocking these four perks, whether I’m grinding headshots for camos with Deadshot, or just want to run around public matches reviving weaker players.

Personally, I was a little let down seeing Victorious Tortoise so low on the list as that’s my personal favorite, but the people have spoken!

Be sure to check out the full list below and follow us on Twitter @CharlieINTEL for our latest polls and quizzes!

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