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Last week, we asked our community about their favorite Treyarch Zombies map. Every single map was put into a simple ranked list and now we can look at the results.

Around 6000 to 7000 of you voted in the poll and the winner was… Der Eisendrache from Black Ops 3. The map was voted for 1.7 thousand times. It’s a personal favorite of the CharlieIntel crew as well.

As for the Black Ops 4 maps, IX came out highest, placing at number 12 our of 28. Unfortunately, the least favorited map of the pack was also from Black Ops 4. Voyage of Despair came in 28th with only 129 votes. The other Black Ops 4 maps placed sparingly with the rest of the range.

Moving onto the other four in the Top 5, you chose Mob of the Dead (BO2) at 2nd, Origins (BO2) at 3rd, Kino Der Toten (BO1) at 4th, and Buried (BO2) at 5th. So it seems that, as with multiplayer, Black Ops 2 remains a very popular Call of Duty in the community’s collective mind.

Speaking of Buried, the map will be returning to Black Ops 4 as a part of Blackout’s new named location, Ghost Town. You can find more info on the additions coming on Tuesday here: Here’s what’s coming this week to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4

Find the full listing of the results in the ranked list below:

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