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Poll: What’s your favorite Treyarch Call of Duty Zombies map?



Treyarch started the Zombies craze all the way back in World at War. Ever since then, the mode has always maintained a loyalist fanbase.

The mode has had a massive effect on the industry as a whole as it spawned similar modes in other franchises. The Zombies’ influence runs deep and it feels like a mandatory staple of Treyarch’s design at this point.

Over the years, Treyarch has created a lot of maps for the Zombies experience and many of you will have played them all. If you haven’t, we suggest that you do. Some of the older maps lack the intricacy of the newer experiences, but they are treasured pieces of history nonetheless.

So, we’ve got a question for you (as you may have seen from the title). What’s your favorite Treyarch Zombies map? We’ve only included the original releases of each map to keep the list as compact as possible. Only Treyarch maps are listed, we’ll do a separate non-Treyarch list in good time.

Whether it’s the classic Nacht der Untoten or one of the newer maps like Revelations, be sure to tell us why in the comments or on Twitter at @CharlieIntel. We’d be glad to hear your nostalgic stories from Zombies nights past.