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Last week, Treyarch finally released the long-awaited League Play mode for Black Ops 4. The game mode was described as “unlike any League Play you’ve seen from us before” by developer Tony Flame and he was certainly correct.

The game mode doesn’t include a visible active MMR ranking system like most popular ranked modes from across the industry. Siege’s Copper to Diamond, Black Ops 2’s Iron to Masters, and League of Legends Iron to Challenger are examples of visible MMR systems.

Instead the game mode contains a hidden MMR used for matchmaking to keep matches competitive. The visible rank only tracks long term performance by tracking event wins (events last 3-4 days). This would have a great been additional rank to traditional MMR, but alone it only rewards play-time and long-term grinding.

We asked you about your initial impressions for the game mode last week as it came out. You responded and the opinions were quite split. The majority of readers who voted gave League a “50-50” feeling. The game mode provides something for the competitive player, but lacks true skill tracking. A majority voted for either “I moderately like League Play” or “I love League Play.”

Fortunately for Treyarch, the bottom two options in our poll ended up being “I hate League Play” & “I moderately dislike League Play.” The overall opinion seems to be positive leaning, but it seems everyone is looking for Treyarch to do a little more with the mode.

We published an article with suggestions for League Play’s expansion. We suggest you check it out and tell us what you would like to see added to the mode. You can find it here: Opinion: League Play could be significantly improved with these additional features

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