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Poll: What’s your initial impression of League Play in Black Ops 4?



Black Ops 4’s League Play released to the public yesterday, February 21st. The mode brings a ranked in-game option with skill-based MMR matchmaking, long terms event rankings, and other features.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to try the mode out, go do so before voting in this poll. Additionally, if you don’t understand the ranking system, please refer to this article with information from Treyarch on the way League Play works in Black Ops 4: Introducing the World League Rank System in Black Ops 4

So, now that you have gotten a chance to tryout League Play in Black Ops 4, what do you think? You can give us your opinion by voting in the poll below. If your answer is something in-between one of the options we have provided, vote for the one that is closest to your own opinion.

League Play features a hidden skill-based matchmaking MMR algorithm with visible long term ranks based on event performance. Events run for 3-4 days with no delay in-between events. Winning consecutive events earns the player visual Victory Flames to show off your prowess.