Earlier in the week, we asked you about your LEAST favorite Blackout named location. Now, we’ve got the results, let’s take a peek.

As of February 18th, Black Ops 4’s Blackout had 15 named locations. The poll we conducted did not include Ghost Town which was added on Tuesday with Operation Grand Heist’s launch.


Out of the those 15, which one was your least favorite? Well, the dishonorable prize goes to none other than the Lighthouse with over 700 votes. The location offers little loot, is located next to Cargo Docks (a location with a lot of loot), and features the annoyances of Zombies. It doesn’t exactly have much going for it.

The next four to sum up your Top 5 least favorite location were Fracking Tower, Hydro Dam, Asylum, and Construction Site. The key similarity between these locations is the nature of gunfights within them. The fights tend to feel awkward from Construction’s verticality to Asylum’s roof top and extremely tight hallways.


Unsurprisingly, Estates and Firing Range landed at the very bottom due to their hot drop loot and great map design. Nuketown Island and Cargo Docks also occupied the very end of our poll.

You can see the full results down below (you can still place a vote if you choose to do so):


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