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We asked you which Call of Duty you would like to see remastered and a lot of you voted…this seems to be quite popular topic and understandably so.

The results for the poll did not surprise us particularly and I don’t think they’ll surprise you much either. Some placings between the eight Call of Duty’s listed are a little different than some might feel in their own minds, but the general order is common.

Black Ops 2 came in first among your votes. The game is widely agreed to be the best Call of Duty game to date. The game featured even-paced boots on the ground gameplay with solid weapon balance and very good map design (Standoff, Raid, Plaza, Express, etc.).

Both Zombies and Multiplayer fans commonly revere the game as the pinnacle of Call of Duty’s design success.

Next up, another great choice, Modern Warfare 2. The game wasn’t as clean as BO2 by modern standards, but it contained excellent maps and weapon design. The Pro Perk system allowed for more variation and the game brought the many of the franchise’s favorite killstreaks with it. “Enemy AC-130 inbound!” and “Tactical Nuke, incoming” continue to bring a smile to our faces as the nostalgia pours in.

About 2.5k votes separate these two giants from the next Call of Duty, Black Ops 1. Black Ops 1 introduced many of the customization features that are present in almost every shooter today.

You can see the whole list down below and you can even place a vote if you have not done so already.

Call of Duty 1, 2, and 3 sit at the bottom of our poll. Call of Duty 2 actually still feels similar to the general mechanics of today’s Call of Duty games. It is where it truly all began for Multiplayer Call of Duty.

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A life-long Call of Duty player, Bachelor of Game Design, and a lover of eSports. Floodsye is my real name, Tommi is just the gamertag my parents gave me.