Call of Duty has had some absolutely stunning gameplay releases in the past decade and beyond. With community opinion falling in recent releases, we want to know which Call of Duty you would like to see remastered.

Call of Duty releases a yearly title and the recent years have been an up and down ride to the least. The jetpack-era was not well received and the overall quality of the experience has taken a hit compared to older titles.


The tight map design of Black Ops 2, the solid combat of Modern Warfare 3, and the classic feel of Modern Warfare 2 are all still fan-favorites. We suspect that they would fair quite well in today’s market with additional cosmetics to help drive revenue post-launch.

So, talking about older Call of Duty titles, which one would you most like to see be remastered?


You can vote for your choice in the ranked list below. We’ve listed each main series release and excluded the expansion/spin-off titles. The list stops at Black Ops 2 as Ghosts was the first current-gen console release (and received a fairly poor reception).

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is not included as it already received a remaster.


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