Which Specialist ranks #1?

Last week I asked the Charlie INTEL community a question. After Treyarch’s data showed that Recon was the most popular Specialist among all Black Ops 4 players, I wondered who was number one amongst our reader base.

With over several thousand votes, I think we have our answer. At the number one spot, players most used Specialists is Prophet!

In close second is Crash, with Battery tailing behind. Sadly the other eight specialists got a little less love, all under one thousand votes. An interesting placement goes to Recon who placed top seed in Treyarch’s statistics, but only placed sixth in ours.

With all these Prophet players in our midst, makes sure to check out these tips and tricks to use when playing with the man. But if being the team medic is more your speed, head on over to our Crash breakdown, as well.

With a new Operation coming in just over a week, will we see a new Specialist win the popularity contest, or will they face a similar fate to Zero at the bottom of the list. Only time will tell.

Make sure to check our the full rankings and votes in the list below:

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