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Potential Apex Legends Season 8 Legend Fuse abilities leaked

With Apex Legends Season 8 just around the corner, some leaks have given us a look at a potential new Legend’s abilities.



Apex Legends Season 8 Legend abilities leaked

Apex Legends Season 8 will be arriving soon, and there has been a lot of speculation about which new character will join the roster. Some new leaks have strongly indicated that it will be a Legend named Fuse.

Apex Legends Season 7 is almost over, and with the developers working on multiple future seasons at the same time, we’re excited to get new content in Season 8. Respawn is expected to release the new update in early February 2021.

There are rumors about a new Legend being introduced in the upcoming season. Now, some new leaks have surfaced that list the abilities of this character. Here’s everything we know about the potential Season 8 Legend named Fuse.

What are Fuse’s abilities in Season 8?

A few data miners have been going through the Apex Legends game files following the Fight Night Collection Event. Through this, they’ve been able to uncover some new content that was part of the update.

These leaks have given us more information about the potential new character and their abilities. The game files list the Legend’s name as Fuse, and have given us some insight into what they can do. Their abilities will revolve around explosives:

  • Tactical: Projectile Grenade
  • Ultimate: Firebomb

The official names of these abilities will probably change when the Season 8 update finally goes but this is the information that we have so far. A few Sound files for these abilities were also dug up by a leaker named Biast12.

This leak has some credibility since these abilities match a Legend concept that was posted back on Reddit in May 2019. This was posted by a fan and it referred to an explosives expert named ‘Fuse’.

Respawn may have taken a look at that, and been inspired by it when designing their own version of the Legend. You can see the fan-made concept below:

Fuse concept in Apex Legends

Keep in mind that at the moment, these are still just rumors. We haven’t heard anything official from the developers so far, but we expect a new teaser to drop this month, as they usually release at least a month before the new season launches.

That said, it’s worth at least considering that these leaks might be real, as the last three Legends have all been revealed ahead of their release. Hopefully, we’ll know more soon, and when we do, we’ll be sure to update you.

Another Season 8 leak has revealed an Anniversary Collection Event is planned for Apex Legends Season 8, which will bring recolors of some Legend skins along with a major change to how Heirlooms work.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment and u/designty

Apex Legends

New Apex Legends leak claims ‘Dragon’ LMG coming soon

Some new Apex Legends leaks have revealed a new LMG called the ‘Dragon,’ which is unique due to one key detail.



Apex Legends LMG

A unique new Light Machine Gun called the “Dragon” has been revealed in some Apex Legend leaks, and this unique weapon is the first of its kind to make use of Light Ammo.

When you hop into a match of Apex Legends, you’ll immediately have to search for some top tier weapons to boost your chances of victory. The battle royale has only had three unique LMGs since launch, but now a fourth might be on its way.

One Apex Legend data miner uncovered some brand-new weapons in the game files, and a notable addition was the “Dragon.” This is a new LMG that’s different from the others because it uses Light Rounds.

Weapons in Apex Legends

These leaks came from prominent Apex Legends data miner ‘Biast12’, who revealed a handful of new weapons on April 11. The Dragon LMG caught the attention of many fans due to one important detail.

This might be the first weapon of its kind to use Light Rounds in the battle royale. There are currently only six weapons in Apex that rely on this type of ammo, and LMGs mainly utilize Heavy Rounds or Energy Ammo.

If the Dragon is added to the game, then making use of Light Rounds will give it an extremely fast rate of fire. This means that you’ll be able to use it to cause some serious pain in a short amount of time.

Those are the only known details about this weapon at the time of writing. We currently don’t know its power, recoil, or where to find it on the map. Biast12 shared a close look at the in-game model, and it seems lightweight compared to other LMGs.

While this model seems unique, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just leaks, so there’s a chance that we might not see the Dragon in the game. Hopefully, Respawn will announce something official to confirm its arrival.

Perhaps it will be part of the upcoming Season 9 update for Apex Legends. We’ll keep checking for any new developments regarding this, and will inform you of anything new that we learn.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertiainment

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Apex Legends pro finds Crazy Octane Jump Pad rotation on Olympus

An Apex Legends player landed a huge Octane Jump Pad rotation on Olympus to evade opposition. Here’s how he did it.



apex legends crazy octane jump pad rotation

Apex Legends esports player is responsible for this insane Octane Jump Pad rotation found outside of Gardens on Olympus.

Octane has been a big topic of conversation during Season 8, as the changes to his Jump Pad have been held in high regard.

Mokeysniper, an Apex Legends content creator, recently found and showcased an interesting OCtane rotation strategy in a recent video. He explained how players take the pad from and how to execute the jump.

Apex Legends Gardens

Originally, Octane’s Jump Pad was fairly underwhelming, allowing players to essentially shoot you out the sky. At the same time, wasn’t very useful for covering long distances.

The Season 8 patch allowed players to travel a much further distance when one slides into it. This change has effectively made Octane one of, if not the best rotation legends in the entire game.

Mokey states that he first saw this rotation on NRG Rogue’s Twitter account, @TTrebb, a pro Apex esports player. He also states that he doesn’t know who was the first to find it, as he also saw it on a Reddit post.

Whoever was the first to find this, it’s ambitious and gets you wondering how many other spots there are like this.

Another interesting rotation technique with Octanes Jump Pad is to combine it with the Trident. If you drive a Trident into a pad and use the vehicle’s boost at the same time, you can clear a massive distance and rotate to circle very quickly.

For more tips and tricks in Apex Legends like this, stay posted on Charlie Intel and check out our article on potentially nerfs coming to Octane in the future.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends War Games trailer hints at huge Lifeline change

The new Apex Legends War Games event trailer may have hinted at a future Lifeline change that may potentially cause controversy.



Apex Legends Lifeline nerf

Ever since the drone revive update for Lifeline in Season 5, players have been calling for her to be nerfed. It seems the new War Games trailer has hinted at a possible change to her kit.

On April 8th, Respawn Entertainment released the trailer for their highly anticipated mini-event, War Games. Not only does this update mean new skins and LTMs, but also a new patch with, of course, meta changes.

Apex Legends developers have admitted to the struggle of balancing Lifeline before, and have even stated that they would like to try a version of Lifeline “without the shield”.

Lifeline Drone Revive

Lifeline was originally one of the characters with the highest win rate in the game due to her passive ability to heal herself quicker than any other Legend.

However, since this passive was removed and replaced by her drone revive, she has become even stronger in the role of support; not just keeping herself alive but also effortlessly reviving her teammates.

In the trailer for War Games, it seems Lifeline’s drone revive remains. However, this time she doesn’t have the protective shield that many have been calling for to be removed.

It seems they will be finally trying out this new change to Lifeline, which could also potentially lead to further changes surrounding the Low Profile passive.

In another recent discussion with the developers, players also found out that Season 8 Legend, Fuse, had the worst win rate of all characters. Perhaps, this Lifeline change will be a part of some larger patch notes which could see less meta characters such as Rampart and Fuse getting changes to their abilities.

Apex Legends is a battle royale that seems to be constantly evolving, with talk of adding more game modes in the future. Although there was some backlash towards the War Games event, with players worried it will ruin the battle royale experience, these new modes draw players to the game and keep the player base fresh.

If you’re interested in more Apex Legends news, check out this guide for activating a future Season 9 teaser. For more updates on Apex Legends new War Games event and the patch notes that will come with it, stay tuned on Charlie Intel.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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