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Classify this under FAKE or PHOTOSHOPED. A YouTube video posted yesterday on FreeStyleReplay Channel supposedly shows 6 images(slideshow) of the new maps coming 1/3/12 (*3/1/12 for Europe folks) We were quick to be fooled also until one of our eagle-eyed followers recognized one of the images from a map mod screenshot from 2010. See for yourself..


Supposed DLC Screenshot:

Original image from a custom map mod on customcod.com (from June 29th, 2010):


As you can see, whoever created the images for the “Nostalgic Map Pack” clearly used the same image from customcod.com. We’re fairly certain that Acitivsion will release some type of classic or “nolstalgic” map pack in the future, but this isn’t it. As always, we’ll post a story once Activision officially confirms the new ELITE DLC plan for Modern Warfare 3… Stay Frosty.

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