Call your friends, message your teammates, beacuse Clan Ops for Black Ops 2 begin today! The first Op is “Core Team Deathmatch“, try and get the highest total kills.

2:00 PM PST
5:00 PM EST

Your clan can win rewards by participating in clan operations. The clan that finishes in 1st place wins the Champion badge. Placing in the top 10% earns a Gold badge and the top 25% earn a Silver badge. Below the 25% threshold, all participating clans are awarded a Bronze badge, so long as they finish the operation with a non-zero score. All clans that finish Bronze or higher will also earn Clan XP. Keep in mind that your clan must enlist in an operation before its start date and time in order to participate.

Clan Operations only count the scores of the top 6 clan members who are premium Call of Duty: ELITE members. This operation only counts performance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
New Clan Member Disclaimer: Newly added clan members’ scores start counting on the first Operation enlisted in after their join time.

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