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From a Hellion Salvo to the Tempest, here are the best ways to take down Scorestreaks in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer.

Since their revolutionary inclusion in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare over a decade ago, Killstreaks, now known as Scorestreaks, have always seem to have a leg up on players.

Due to many Scorestreaks intense power, they tend to have the ability to dominate a weaker team rather quickly. Running out of a building just to get sniped from a helicopter in the sky can get a little frustrating, so remember these tips next time you go into battle.

Call of Duty veteran, and prominent YouTuber, ‘TheXclusiveAce’, did the math and figured out what were the most effective methods when it came to taking out Scorestreaks swiftly and smoothly.

He begins with the obvious choice, the Hellion Salvo rocket launcher. Being the singular launcher in this iteration of Black Ops, it holds a good amount of importance when Scorestreaks are on the map.

Using a base Hellion Salvo with no attachments, here are Ace’s findings:

  • UAV, Counter UAV, Drone Squad drone, Care Package chopper – one rocket
  • Sentry – two rockets
  • Sniper’s Nest, Attack Chopper – three rockets
  • Mantis – four rockets
  • Strike Team deploy chopper, Gunship – five rockets

When tossing on some attachments, Rocket Cache and Fast Loader are good go-to’s as they grant two additional rockets and faster reload speeds. Whereas High Explosives is a dud because it only adds damage to players, not Scorestreaks. Don’t forget Fast Lock either as that significantly reduces the time it takes to lock-on from 600ms to 350ms.

Moving over to the FMJ II attachment that totes “Increased damage to vehicles and equipment. Maximized bullet penetration through walls and objects.” from the in-game description. This attachment is only available on the Strife (pistol), Cordite (SMG), Rampart 17 (AR), AUG DMR (Tactical Rifle), Titan (LMG), and Paladin (Sniper).

Obvious enough, Ace dismisses the viability of all those guns except for the Paladin and Titan. Of the 75 rounds in the Titan’s mag, only 10 of those are needed to take out an UAV compared to the Paladin’s ability to one shot UAV’s.

However, what makes the Titan the better option is it’s versatility when it comes to enemies rushing you while you’re focused on shooting Scorestreaks, opposed to reorienting your sights with a sniper rifle.

For comparisons sake, Ace takes a look at Specialists weapons such as the Tempest and Annihilator. Since taking out Scorestreaks with these weapons consume a good portion of their ammo, he recommends only using these if it’s a close game and it’s your only option.

He ends the video looking at one of the most common Scorestreak, the Attack Chopper. Here are the quickest options – the time being from when you have sights on the chopper until it’s destroyed.

  • Hellion Salvo (no attachments) – 11 seconds
  • Hellion Salvo (Fast Loader + Fast Lock) – 9 seconds
  • Paladin (hitting all five shots in the magazine with FMJ II) – 8 seconds
  • Titan (FMJ II) – 7 seconds
  • Annihilator – 4.5 seconds

For some video proof of these stats, watch TheXclusiveAce’s video below:

What’s your go-to tactic when it comes to Scorestreaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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