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Last week, we tested some of your Blackout knowledge in a short twelve question quiz. The quiz primarily focused on location and navigation along with a little weapon trivia.

Now, let’s take a peak at how you did. We’ll take a look at the most interesting results.

The question that portrayed the most variation in answers was “What named location is directly to the east of Factory?.” 32.3% of the community answered correctly with “Nothing,” 42.3% voted for “Turbine,” 20.5% for “Lighthouse,” and 4.9% said “Fracking Tower.”

Lighthouse is located directly to west of Factory and Turbine is located slightly northeast, not “directly east.”

From our analysis, the question that caused the most trouble due to poor wording was “What type of buildings occupy the area surrounding Firing Range?.”

The majority split between Trailers (26.7%) and Barns (64.6). While Barns is the correct answer, the question could be taken to mean the immediate area surrounding the range inside Firing Range, which is actually surrounding by a few trailers.

Another question which had a surprising amount of incorrect guess was “Which map location is named after a Black Ops 1 map?.” While the overwhelming majority (80.9%) answered Array, Hijacked came in at 9.4% and Cargo Docks at 6.1%

For future reference, Hijacked is the name of a Black Ops 2 map and Cargo Docks is not the name of a map. However, Cargo was a Black Ops 2 base game map.

Below, you can find a gallery of all questions with a breakdown of answers by percentage of votes. They are presented in the order of the quiz (questions are not fully displayed).

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