Call of Duty is a franchise that spans over a decade and each game has brought a plethora of multiplayer arenas.

Call of Duty has had well over a hundred multiplayer maps grace us with their presence. While some have received less than favorable reactions, a handful have become iconic gaming landmarks. These maps such as Crash, Raid, Highrise, and others are recognizable by their distinct designs and the memories they gave us.


Many of these maps are constantly recreated by fans of the series. Remakes can be found in map editors for games such as Fortnite or even in game engine editors like Unreal Engine. The nostalgia some CoD maps inspire is truly powerful and carries emotions from many of our childhoods.

So, how well do you know your Call of Duty multiplayer maps? Let’s take a look at that map knowledge from over the years with a little quiz.


Before we begin, no cheating is allowed. We won’t actually know if you’re cheating, but you’ll know and that’s the worst part of cheating, isn’t it that right?

So, how did you do? Tell us down in the comments or on Twitter!


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