Michael Condrey has posted on Reddit an update on what’s coming this month for Call of Duty: WWII and has announced that Ranked Play Season 1 will end on January 31. Season 2 will kick off on February 1, which will allow full parties to enter matches.

Condrey also says they are working to enable XP rewards in Ranked Play. While it’s still being worked on, they do hope to have it enabled during Season 2 of Ranked Play. There are more Ranked Play updates planned in the next game update for Call of Duty: WWII.

Ranked Play: Season 1 will be ending on Jan 31st. Season 2 officially kicks off February 1st. So keep your grind on and pursue those top tier Season 1 rewards for a couple more weeks. We’ve gathered a ton of player data during the Placement Season, and we’ve fixed a number of important bugs in Ranked Play since Season One started on December 1st. More RP fixes coming in the next game update too. We’ve also heard the community’s desire to have XP rewarded in RP. We’re working on that now. I’m not entirely sure when it will get fully integrated in the live environment, but barring anything crazy, it will come online during Season 2.

SOURCE: Reddit

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